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The Commitment

The Amazon links and recommended products you see on our website, we are using them as an affiliate marketer. We share only the best products, so don’t be worried about the quality.

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Further Details on the Affiliate Disclosure

At, we believe in transparency when it comes to this site. With this in mind, please understand that we either do or intend to place ads on the site from various advertising partners.

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Our Promise to You

There are millions of such products on the web, but we include only those that we’ve researched and believed could benefit you in eradicating bed bugs from your home.

We also provide links on the site to information such as information resources for which we receive no compensation.

Our mission is to help you “our visitors” with a reliable source information and present honest and simple reviews for your ease, but you should realize that this is a for-profit site. If you have any questions, please contact us by using our Contact Page.

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