Hospital Bag For Twins Birth: What You Need To Pack For Delivery

So, the doctor has confirmed that you will be having twins in your next birth. A mighty congratulations, right? 


But it doesn’t end there, right? 

Like every other expectant mom, you want to make sure you have everything set in place before the twins’ arrival.

I mean, everything! 

You’re probably having difficulties wrapping your head around what exactly to include in your hospital bag for twins birth.

Frankly, the emotions I had when packing my hospital bag was a mix of excitement and fear of forgetfulness. 

I was joyous because I will be having twin babies as my last children and also nursed the fear of missing out on the essential things to pack in the twins hospital bag. 

Are you feeling the same too?

No worries, I can relate.

In this post, you’ll learn more about your twins’ hospital bag checklist and the things you should pack for yourself as the expectant mom, for your birth partner, and your lovely babies.

Let’s get started.

Hospital Bag For Twins: Things You Need to Pack For Delivery

Here are the things you should specifically pack in your hospital bag for twins:

Multiple Clothes:

Most new moms have different ideas as regards the similarity of their twins’ clothes. While some strongly believe that they should wear the same clothes, others don’t think so. 

For me, my babies wear the same clothes. However, I highly recommend that you should only do what is easy and comfortable for you.

Keep in mind that in most cases, twins weigh less than average babies, and even their size and weight may differ from one another. 

My twins wear almost the same size, so I didn’t bother much about the latter.

You can check out these dope twins clothes on Amazon.


A soft and comfy onesies will be great for your twins. 

I highly recommend that you should have at least five for each baby, as it will prevent them from exposure to cold. 

For my babies, I used only one onesie per day for each of them.

baby onesies

Baby nappies: 

You’ll need this a lot during and after your stay at the hospital. For my twins, I packed a dozen nappies for each and trust me, I wish I had packed more.


The climate season of your birth period will determine the combination of the shoes to pack for your twins babies. 

If it is winter, you want to pack footwear and socks to keep their feet warm, and if it is summer, you don’t want to overheat their feet, so you get light footwear instead. 

The logic is, at any time, make sure you get something on their feet.


Just like you have to keep their feet adapted to the environmental conditions, you must provide the same for the body too. When it is cold, make sure to put on jackets and light cardigans for them, and if it is warm, you keep them in light apparels. 

When Should I Pack My Hospital Bag for Twins Delivery?

Multiple births in most cases mean early birth. This is because twins arrive earlier than a single baby, and quad birth arrives earlier than a twin’s birth. 

Hence, the more the number of babies in your womb, the earlier the contraction and delivery.

Since you’re having a twins birth, it means you should start packing your hospital bag for twins earlier than you will for a single baby. 

In my own case, the due date was around 34 weeks, which is three weeks earlier, and the hospital got me admitted as there was a shift from the EDD.

This was worrisome, but thank goodness, I already packed my hospital bag for the twins delivery around 30 weeks, and put it in my partner’s car.

This could be too early, though, but it’s better to have everything packed in your hospital bag early than doing so late. 

I highly recommend that you should do this by 32 weeks such that you’ll be ready in case of any unforeseen contingency. 

There is also no harm if you pack your hospital bag at 31 weeks, but the goal is to plan your delivery date around 34 weeks.

Twins Hospital Bag For Mom: What to Pack For Delivery

As the expectant mom, here are the things you need to pack in your hospital bag.

pregnant woman

Essential documents: 

This should include a range of things that has to do with you as the mom.

This includes your photo ID, insurance and hospital admission form, contact list, and even your medical paper for prenatal and other medical reports should there be a need for them. 

Sometimes, the hospital will email you with some necessary documents to fill and submit online, ensure you do that, and try to print out the filled form.

Also, ensure you include it as one of the essential documents.

File Folder:

Now that you have the list of essential documents, next is to keep it safe and secure. This is where a file folder with multiple compartments comes handy. 

You don’t want to waste your time and the doctor’s or nurse’s time when you are asked to provide them.

You can check out this one on Amazon.

Okay, what if you have them online since we live in a digital world. 

Well, it is safe and more secure to have it say in your Google drive, but you can’t always refer your doctors or nurse to it, virtually. 

Birth Plan: 

How you want your twins to be born is a function of your birth plan. Yes, you have a say, and it is essential that you follow the plan to the minutest detail possible.


You need some light and comfy wear during and after labor during your stay in the hospital. 

In my own case, I packed two robes in my hospital bag, and it serves its function whenever I want to sleep. Plus, it gives the nurses easy access to me with little hindrance.

Here are some cool night gown options on Amazon.

Birth Ball: 

Some hospitals have birth balls available for use, but the size may not be a good fit for you. 

So, you should find out whether they have your size or better still, go with yours deflated.

Your spouse can always help inflate it, as the birth ball aids you with a comfortable position for labor.


You need to feel at home while you are away from home, isn’t it? 

One easy way to do this is to pack your toothpaste, toothbrush, bathing soap, deodorant, shampoo, contact glasses, and lenses if you used one alongside other things in your hospital bag checklist.

This Frida Mom labor and delivery kit has the toiletries you’ll ever need during labor.

Gift Cards: 

Relationships get stronger and more meaningful with the exchange of gifts. One way to show appreciation to the doctors and the nurses that attended to you during labor is to give them a gift card after birth. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will surely go a long way.

gift for a newborn baby

I bought a “Thank you” card for the doctors and the nurses that ensured I had a pleasant stay and experience even though I was not a first-timer there. You should do the same too.

Twins Hospital Bag For Dad: What to Pack For Your Partner

After packing your hospital bag, the next is your partner’s. Here are some essential things to include in your partner’s hospital bag.


To capture the moment and excitement in the atmosphere, you want to add a digital camera to your partner’s hospital bag.

Since twins’ birth comes with an interval, I told my spouse to capture the moment my first baby was delivered and the second baby. 

Camera for partner

You don’t have to record all the hours you stay at the hospital though, but it will be memorable to have some moments captured.

You can get some really nice and affordable cameras on Amazon.


Your spouse might need to pay some charges for the parking lot where the car is packed.

In my own case, it was easy for my spouse to get himself some stuff at the grocery unit of the hospital, thanks to the money I packed in his bag.

Light Footwear:

At some point, your spouse might need leg work after sitting for some hours; light footwear will make it more comfortable than a regular one.

Something as light like this Adidas footwear on Amazon will be great.


The favorite thing my partner feeds on outside our home is snacks.

Taking some of his favorite snacks to the hospital, gave him the energy to look after me.


Gatorade, Lucozade, and other isotonic drinks will not only keep your spouse hydrated but also replenish his energy. Water is not a bad choice either, but it is best packed with those isotonic drinks.

Laptop or Tablet: 

Who else can kill boredom with a computer or tablet? I can, and my partner does too.

We both are usually engrossed with our laptop so much that we skip meals at times. With FIFA 2019 installed on the laptop, playing a football game will surely keep him busy.


Your spouse will need to change his outfit daily to keep healthy and look good. So, you can take about two to three clothes along with you to the hospital.

How to Pack Your Twins Hospital Bag: Step-by-Step

One question that lingers on the minds of most new moms is how to correctly pack the hospital bag for twins without overdoing it. This is understandable, because you are not packing to your new house, rather you’ll be spending a few days in the hospital.

Here are the steps I followed while packing my hospital bag for myself, spouse, and my cute twins:

Step 1:

Make a comprehensive list of things you want to pack for yourself, spouse and the twins

Step 2:

Reach out to the hospital to know what other things you will need to bring along, and also what other items will be trivial. Add and remove from the list in step 1 when necessary.

Step 3:

Get a bag to place the things listed on your checklist one after the other. Ensure that you strike out the ones you have already placed to avoid doing so twice.

Step 4:

Place those items one after the other to ensure that it fits and is accommodated properly.

Step 5:

Do not overload the bag with too many items. just so you want to pack in one bag if one is not enough to get another.

Below is a YouTube video that will walk you through how to pack your hospital bag for twins birth.

How to Pack a Hospital Bag For Twins

What to Pack In The Hospital Bag for Twins C-Section

During vaginal labor, the gap between the first baby and the second baby could take up to 30-35 minutes, but with c-section, it takes less than that. 

If you are having a c-section for the birth of your twins here are some additional things to pack in your hospital bag. These are items that will aid the healing process of your incision and not slow it.

Big Pants: 

After a c-section, it is recommended that you shouldn’t wear anything that will sit on your incision. With big pants, you should be fine.

Peppermint Tea:

This will facilitate the healing process of your scar or incision is the peppermint tea. This will help to reduce any pain that you may have.

Snacks Rich In Fiber: 

Constipation is closely associated with c-section.

After a c-section, you will probably feel the same, this is where snacks rich in fiber comes handy.

Arnica Cream: 

During a c-section, chances are that you might have a bruise. Applying arnica cream to such a place will reduce swelling and internal bruising.

You can get it now on Amazon.

What Should I Pack for After My Twins’ Birth?

When your babies are delivered and giggling with their innocent looks, there are things that will help you have a stress free experience.

Below are some of them.

Nursing Bra:

You will be asked to breastfeed your twins at the hospital, and it is natural that your breast will become bigger than the usual size during this period. 

Since your babies are twins, you can bring over one nursing bra.

Here is our review of the best nursing bras for breastfeeding on Amazon.

Breastfeeding Pillow: 

This usually comes in v-shape and provides you the support needed for seamless breastfeeding.

Editor’s note: Check out our comprehensive review of the best nursing pillows for twins.

Maternity Pad:

Either you have your twins through a c-section or vaginal delivery, you will most likely bleed after birth. So, you should include enough maternity pads to control the bleeding.

What Will The Twins Babies Need in the Postnatal Ward?

At this stage, your babies are now some days old. Hence the things you packed for labor might not really be of use now.

That said, here are some essential items that you’ll need at the postnatal ward:

Car Seat: 

A car seat is important, and it starts right from the time you want to leave the hospital. The nurses won’t allow you to leave until they confirm you have two car seats that meet the law requirements

And it is essential that you or your spouse know exactly how to fix the car seat for your baby’s safety.

The video below shows you exactly how to do this based on the requirements of health officials.

It was one of the first things we got while packing our hospital bag for twin babies, just so we will be equipped with the proper use. 

And it paid off eventually because, at the time of leaving the hospital, we already mastered the technicalities behind it.


Babies come in different forms. Some are born with their nails grown. In case your twins come with grown nails, you want to ensure they don’t innocently use it to scratch their face or even you.

Mittens help babies from using fingers to scratch themselves, or even their mom.

Here are some awesome mittens on Amazon which you can get.

Baby Blanket: 

Sometimes, you want to wrap your twins in blankets due to the weather. If it is chilly outside while leaving the hospital, wrapping them with their clothes in blankets is a win for you. Otherwise, you could wrap them in blankets with panties alone.

Sleep Suits: 

Babies in their infant stage wear an average of three clothes per day. You should have more than one sleep suit for your twins. Mind you; some come with in-built socks. If you could get those, it saves you from buying socks.

Final Thoughts

In this post, I’ve shared with you what you need to pack in your hospital bag for twins birth.

By including the essential items mentioned in this post in your twins’ hospital bag, you’ll sure have sufficient preparation for the d-day.

I highly recommend that you have the printable checklist for your twins hospital bag handy, to ensure that you don’t miss anything while packing your hospital bag for a twins delivery.

If you have any questions or additions regarding the items mentioned in this guide, kindly leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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