9 Best Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding [2022 Reviews]

As a new mom, you realize with time that motherhood is a hard job.

After carrying the baby in your womb for nine months and delivering him/her safely, you still have to wean and nurse them.

This also includes breastfeeding which is the most challenging.

After all, the wellbeing and growth of your baby depend on how well they’re breastfed

To ease the breastfeeding process, most moms now use a nipple shield.

So, if you’re looking to buy a nipple shield and not sure how to choose the best one, I’ve got good news for you.

In this guide, we will provide you with in-depth reviews of the best nipple shield for breastfeeding out there.

Let’s get to it.

Best Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding: Our Top Picks

Ready to choose a nipple shield for breastfeeding?

Below are our top 9 picks, which we highly recommend for you. 

1. Best Overall Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding: Medela Contact Nipple Shield

Only a few nipple shields give skin-to-skin contact as Medela Contact Nipple shield does. 

It is instinctively designed to maximize the skin-to-skin contact between a nursing mom and her child. 

Medela is a household name in the industry, and this Medela contact nipple shield shows just that.

The nipple shield by Medela is BPA free; hence is fit for use for both you and your baby. Also the product is made from silicone which makes it ultra-soft and thin.

It also makes your breast milk taste-free, hence it won’t affect or change the taste of your baby’s milk. 

And to make traveling easy for you and your baby, this shield comes with two extra shields and a portable case.

Medela Contact Nipple Shields come in three distinct sizes to oblige you with different shapes—16 millimeters, 20 millimeters, and 24 millimeters. 

One thing though; before using a Medela nipple shield it’s highly recommended that you reach out to a lactation expert to figure out which size works best for your body. 


  • Comes with an extra shield
  • It will enhance your letdown
  • Gives options for different sizes
  • It has a cut-out of shape for firmness


  • Difficult to wash
  • No storage case for protection

2. Best Travel-friendly Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding: Haakaa Nipple Shield

Do you need a nipple shield that is 100% high-caliber, ultra-delicate, and lightweight silicone? 

Perhaps you want it to be made free from BPA, PVC, and without phthalate? 

Or, you want a shield that would be free from strange smells. 

Then you have just that in the Haakaa nipple shield.

This butterfly-shaped design nipple shield fits firmly to your nipple such that it prevents airflow from mixing with your baby’s milk that could lead to contamination and probably colic. 

It also comes with edge design which makes it handy for firmness and makes holding easy for you while your baby latches.

It comes with anti-slip, which makes it the best for moms with flat nipples. 

One thing I really love about this nipple shield is the interesting areola head configuration which empowers your infant to mimic the characteristic sucking beat; this likewise advances the mother-infant bond between you and your baby. 


  • Has a fit size for all
  • It is Odourless
  • Has a carrying box to ease transporting
  • Very safe for use since it’s BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.  


  • It has slow milk letdown
  • No instruction for baby latching.

3. Best Budget-friendly Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding: Purifyou Premium Nipple Shield

Most moms are sensitive to their baby’s health.

Most times, they have sleepless nights just to ensure that their babies aren’t susceptible to germs and disease. 

This is exactly what Purifyou Premium nipple shield is for. It’s manufactured with your baby’s safety in mind. 

It also comes with a 30-day guarantee policy.

Made from first-grade silicone, the nipple shields have punctured edges on the base attached to your areola, taking your comfort and easiness into account to get the natural rhythm that comes with breastfeeding. 

It has a long life span, which makes it an ideal choice for moms that have trouble with nursing. 

The nipples shields are accessible in two distinct sizes, 20mm and 24mm, for your benefit. 

It also has a free, reusable cotton drawstring pack that comes with it to keep the shield clean for a more drawn out time without washing.

It also includes three packs of shields and a storage bag for keeping it secure.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Come with three-pack shields
  • Comes with a month guarantee
  • Free from BPA, BPS, latex, phthalate, and lead


  • Only two size options are available
  • Made from thick material

4. Best For Small Nipples: Silicone Contact Nipple Shield

Some nipple shields are underrated, and the Silicone Contact Nipple shield is one of them. This shield is made from food-grade material, making it safe and harmless.

Also, the non-toxic materials that it’s made from makes it eco-friendly and harmless to humans. 

With this nipple shield, rest assured that the safety of your baby is non-negotiable.

It is very flexible and soft, making it a perfect choice for preventing breast engorgement. 

Also, it has a soft texture and mild pressure to protect moms with sore nipples. 

Moms whose babies experience poor latch have also found comfort with Silicone Contact Nipple.

The lightweight shield is BPA, BPS, Latex, Lead, Phthalate, and worry-free, making it worth its weight in gold for moms who have difficulty in transition. 

Plus, it comes with a protective storage case. With its four tips hole, you don’t have to worry about ventilation and airflow—which stimulate milk flow and prevent moms from milk pooling.


  • Very Comfortable 
  • Skin-to-skin contact
  • The nipple has four holes
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Come with storage case


  • Thick plastic
  • Not fit for more than average size breast

5. Best Tongue-Tie Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding: Lansinoh Nipple Shield

For close to 40 years of being in the industry, Lansinoh is no doubt a leading brand, and they have been supporting moms with different essentials needs for delivery, labor, and nursing.

The Lansinoh Nipple shield for breastfeeding is second to none as far as babies with tongue ties are concerned. 

Tongue-tie in most cases affects breastfeeding in babies and is detrimental to the health and well-being of both mom and baby.

Using the lansinoh nipple shield, the trauma, pains, and uneasiness that comes with tongue-tie will be eliminated. As it gives your baby the latch necessary for breastfeeding—and also makes your nipple feel comfortable while suckling. 

Putting it on will also make it seem as if you are nipple shield free.

This ultra-light and soft nipple shield comes in two sizes, which are 12mm and 24mm respectively. 

The nipple is well sterilized, and for security, it comes with a storage pack. Lansinoh nipple shield is BPA and BPS free, making it harmless for you and your baby.


  • It is durable
  • It is BPA free
  • It is ultra-light 
  • Safe and handy storage pack
  • Ideal fit for baby with tongue-tie


  • Limited options for sizes
  • It is not firm to the nipple and could loose easily

6. Best Inverted Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding: NUK Silicone Nipple Shield

Yes, using a nipple shield could hinder milk flow, no doubt, but with NUK Barely There Nipple shield, you get another level of experience. 

The size is only an inch in diameter. 

With its unique triangular shape and nodule stimulation of your milk to the baby’s mouth comes free flow.

It is BPA free making it hygienic and safe for your baby’s use.

The nipple is made from silicone, which makes it ultra soft and a perfect choice for moms with hard nipples. 

One thing I really love about the NUK Barely There Nipple shield is that it also helps you get the real-time feeling with an enhanced suction.

It’s a perfect fit for moms with flat, sensitive, and inverted nipples. The texture gives you the sensational and painless rhythm when your baby latches. 

Not only that, it also fits perfectly for moms with more than average size breasts. It also comes with a shield case for protective measures.


  • It is quite cheap
  • Good passage for milk flow
  • Ideal for moms with hard nipple
  • Firm and compact grip to the nipple


  • It flaps occasionally
  • No clear size description

7. Best Eco-friendly Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding: Momma Bear Essentials Premium Nipple Shield

Using a nipple shield and seeking natural breastfeeding experience always seems like a tall order, but Momma Bear Essential Premium Nipple shield gives you that connection which brings the bond between you and your baby to life. 

Momma Bear shields come ultra-soft and thin. 

The nipple shield also adjusts well to the nipple and sticks well to your breast ensuring you get the extraordinary skin-to-skin contact with your baby. The additional gaps in the shield can make it very comfortable for your baby to get the amount of milk needed.

It is made from food-grade material and is BPA and other harmful substances free, this makes it not only safe for you and your baby but also environmentally friendly. 

It also has spiral tips for firm hold while in use to prevent fall off from the nipple.


  • Exquisite cloth bag
  • Come with six nipple shields
  • Non-toxic to the environment
  • Free from Lead, BPA, BPS, Latex, and Phthalate 


  • No size options

8. Best Overall Value Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding: Cradle Plus Nipple Shield

Breastfeeding can be challenging, and moms need all the help and support they could get.

Cradle Plus nipple shield has been specifically designed to help breastfeeding moms with the one-size-fit all nipple shield. It is built from bendable silicone, which makes it ultra-soft and comfortable for baby and mom.

Plus, it comes with shields you can wear while not breastfeeding, which serves as a protective shell for moms who may have leaks. 

The nipple shells also work well for airflow and milk storage containers. 

It has four holes that prevent moms from having cracked nipples, dryness, and yeast infections. It also functions for good suction to get flow.

One thing I love about this nipple shield is that you can wear it on the other part of your breast to get the optimal supply of milk. 

Worried about moving about with your nipple shield? The cradle also comes with a PVC case.


  • Handheld storage 
  • Straightforward to clean
  • Two Additional nipple shields extra
  • Breast shells for storing and collecting milk


  • Few options for size

9. Best Breastfeeding Nipple Shield For Latching: Ameda Contact Nipple Shield

If you want a nipple shield that lactation consultants recommend, then no brand comes close to the Ameda Contact Nipple shield. 

The distinctive product— which is BPA and DEHP free makes it safe to use.

Interestingly, with its hygieniKit Milk collection system, you are sure to be protected from bacteria, viruses, and mold dangerous to their host. 

It comes handy for short-term use, but seek the advice of a lactation expert regarding this first.

The shield is produced using ultra-flimsy, adaptable silicone, and has an areola shape that just appears to click with many babies who experience and constantly refuse to breastfeed. 

What more? 

It gives moms firm attachment to the nipple, and you don’t have to bother with holding and falling off while using it. Ameda is made from silicone, making it ultra-soft and thin, giving you and your baby the natural experience.


  • Quality assurance
  • BPA and DEHP free
  • Good for moms with crack nipple
  • Ideal for moms with sore nipples


  • It is a bit thick
  • Best for short-term use

Picking a Nipple Shield For Breastfeeding: A Guide to Selecting the Right One

Picking a nipple shield should be one of the easiest things to decide on as a mom. 

That said, here are some few things that we recommend that you should put into consideration when picking a nipple shield:


One crucial thing to check on and never compromise on with a nipple shield is the size. 

It is important that you get the one that will fit properly into your nipple without having to hold it with your hand. 

Breastfeeding can be difficult, and your baby needs the maximum comfort they can get.

So, you don’t want to add to the worries by getting a shield that is either too loose or not a perfect fit. 

Nipple shields come in three various sizes which are: 16mm for premature babies, the 20mm is for newborn babies, and if your baby is a bit old and you have more than average size breasts, you may go for the 24mm size.


Most nipple shields are made from silicone. However, it is still important that you consider the material composition. 

Generally, Nipple shields should be BPA, BPS, Lead and Phthalate Free.


Knowing which one will give you the maximum comfort could be tricky. What we recommend however, is that you put into consideration other factors such as price, size, material, and even read other user’s reviews on stores like Amazon.

Professional Guidance: 

Using a nipple shield for a long time isn’t encouraged. This is why we recommend that you should seek the advice of a lactation consultant for proper guidelines and precautions.

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Tips For Using a Nipple Shield: Precautions to Take When Using One

You don’t need a science degree to know that we live in a microbial world, where we are in constant struggle with invisible disease-causing organisms. 

Sadly, Nipple shields for babies aren’t exempted from the organisms. 

Due to this, you need to imbue some health tips and precautions as a mom who uses a nipple shield. And since babies depend on us, then their health and wellness are our duty. 

Below are some tips:

Use under the guidance of lactation consultant: 

Ensure that you seek the guidance and recommendation from your lactation consultant before using any nipple shield. 

In fact, some brands like Medela recommend that their product should be used based on expert advice.

Sterilize when not in use: 

After every usage, ensure that you clean and keep the nipple shield in a protective case. Most shields come with portable cases where you can always keep it safe.

Baby’s Gauge: 

This is important as a mom who uses a nipple shield. 

It is crucial that your baby’s weight, milk intake, and output be put into consideration. 

This will allow you to know whether your baby is underfed or well-fed—which will ensure properly measured milk supply and nutrient gain.

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Caring For Your Nipple Shields: Issues to Watch Out for When Using One

The lifespan of your nipple shield is also a function of the care and maintenance you uphold when using it. 

Just like anything, if you use it without adequate measure, it could lead to some effect, which may be detrimental to your health and that of your baby. Below are a few tips or issues to watch out for when using one:

1. Clean your hand: 

It is highly hygienic to wash your hands with soap and sanitizer properly before you use a nipple shield. This will help fight bacteria and other gems that could be on your hands.  

2. Soak after Use: 

Most brands will recommend that you soak your nipple shield in warm water after each use. 

The number of minutes that this will be done depends on the recommendation you get from the brand’s instruction or lactation experts.

3. Rinse and Dry: 

After soaking the nipple shield in warm water, you want to dry it. You don’t want to feed your baby with a mild, wet nipple shield. It is not only unhygienic, but could also make the baby uncomfortable.

4. Sterilization: 

If there is anything you should never be tired of, it will be to sterilize your baby’s nipple shield. Sterilization makes it more safe and healthy for both you and your baby.

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve reviewed the best nipple shield for breastfeeding in 2022.

I’m quite sure that by now, any questions or concerns you have previously about using a nipple shield have been appropriately addressed.

This gives you a detailed explanation of what a nipple shield is, how it has evolved over the years, what to look out for when buying one, and the features that stand out for each of the 9 best nipple shields for breastfeeding which we reviewed.

Overall, our top pick is Medela Contact Nipple shield. And if you’re looking to buy a nipple shield for breastfeeding today, we highly recommend that you go for it.