11 Best Breast Pump For Working Moms In 2022

Best Breast Pump For Working Moms: Most new moms see breastfeeding a baby like a divine assignment. Hence, they take the pain and time to carry out this activity with utmost attention. 

There are tons of benefits to breastfeeding, according to medical practitioners.

This is because the best means for a baby to get nutrients for growth and development largely depends on how well they are breastfed.

For working moms, breastfeeding a baby is usually a herculean task.

As you have to juggle work commitments, commute to work, make breakfasts, and complete office tasks too.

All these could be overwhelming and might hinder the breastfeeding of your baby. 

However, all hope is not lost; as you can still give your baby the most exciting breastfeeding experience by using a breast pump.

In this post, we’ll share with you a comprehensive review of the best breast pump for working moms.

This will show you exactly what you need to consider before choosing a breast pump and how to make the experience worthwhile for your baby without quitting your work.

Let’s get started with our review of the best breast pump for working moms in 2022.

Best Breast Pump For Working Moms: Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall Breast Pump For Working Moms: Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus

Most of us like to kill two birds with one stone, don’t you, too? 

Spectra Baby USA – S1 breast pump is a perfect example of killing two birds with a stone because of its inbuilt two-in-one functionality—these are sheer strength and first-rate performance. 

Aside from meeting hospital requirements, it also comes well designed.

Speaking of its exquisite design, you can also operate it with either electric power or battery. While your baby is sleeping and you need to pump, you won’t need to turn on the light, which may reflect inside the baby’s eye. It also has a night light feature that comes handy.

Another alluring thing about Spectra Baby – S1 plus, which I really enjoy is that it comes with a wide range of suction levels, to meet every mom’s requirement. 

With this electric pump, your days of having trouble with getting your previous massage is over. It has a “last memory” feature set. 


  • It is simple to assemble
  • It comes with a dual-mode of operation.
  • Has a tracker that reads the number of times expressing
  • Comes with a closed system that prevents your milk from contamination
  • It weighs around 3.3 pounds making it easy to move about with.


  • Manageable vibration during use
  • The battery does not charge quickly, but it has a useful lifespan.

2. Best Manual Breast Pump For Working Moms: Medela, Harmony Breast Pump

If you desire a breast pump that gives you the natural rhythm of breastfeeding, then look no further, as Medela Harmony Breast pump gives just that. 

Interestingly, Medela is a house name in the industry known for its durable quality. The breast pump design gives you a firm grip while using it.

Also, if you’re the type that doesn’t like to be noticed while pumping breast milk, then this breast pump is a perfect fit for you.

This is because, since it is manual, it comes with a noiseless effect.

One thing I really love about this breast pump is the swivel handle. This gives you a 180-degree adjustment, making it very easy for breastfeeding moms to use. 


  • Since it is portable, it is mobile friendly.
  • It provides a natural feeling for nursing moms
  • Cleaning and replacing it is an easy thing to do
  • It is easy and comfortable to use for the nursing mom


  • Its suction could get loose easily, but its parts are accessible in the market
  • Manual pumping could make your hand tired easily, but that is if you pump all the time.

3. Best Rated Breast Pump for Working Moms: Medela Pump in Style Advanced

There are few breastfeeding pumps that come close to matching and producing more milk than Medela Pump in style Advanced. It is like a double-edged sword—as both its electric pump can be used simultaneously or singly.

Giving you versatility, it comes in varieties such as tote version, backpack, and a metro bag style, hence giving moms the flexibility to choose their desired type.

Amazingly, it comes with a removable cooler bag and an ice pack that helps you regulate the coldness of your milk, which at the same time ensures its long preservation.

It is noteworthy to mention that the product comes with batteries that make it ready to use everywhere you go—and this serves you well if your nursing baby likes to feed more often than a healthy baby. 


  • You get eight AA batteries with it.
  • It works with both powered cord and battery
  • It has three versions and a cooling system to keep your breast milk fresh
  • Its different  nipple sizes give options that make breastfeeding comfortable


  • It is heavy because of its components.
  • It has no adjustable suction control for its speed and strength.

4. Best Digital Breast Pump For Working Moms: Bellababy Double Electric Breastfeeding Pumps

If you are tech-savvy and would like to track how you breastfeed, then Bellababy is a perfect fit for you.

It comes with a high definition screen display that shows you the device battery level, the suction rates, and time. It’s also a closed system hence your milk is safe from unwanted external germs

If you’re in need of breast pumps that have a triune model of powering, then look no further.

Bellababy breast pump can operate using its power cable and battery. It also has a USB cord, which can be attached to any other external power source.

Not only that, it allows breastfeeding moms to switch to different modes of operation. These include normal, continuous stimulation, and frequency suckling modes. 

You also get over eight levels of suctions to ensure that you get the comfort that comes with breastfeeding. 

Plus, the device has a touch-sensitive panel that makes it easy for moms to operate. 

If you like to store your milk for future use, then the milk storage bag that comes with it will come in really handy.


  • It allows customizing operating mode of operations
  • It can be used outside your home because of its inbuilt power pack
  • Provides you with essential information on its HD screen display


  • Not your regular quiet pump machine
  • Switching back to the lowest level of suction requires you to go through all other levels

5. Best Easy to Use Breast Pump For Working Moms: Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Portable Breast Pump

Are you a first time mom? 

Or, perhaps you are anxious about the pains that come with direct distinctive breastfeeding? 

If this is you, then the Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric massage-like suction is designed with you in mind. 

Undoubtedly, for over three decades now, Lansinoh has left its mark in the industry, producing state-of-the-art breast pumps. 

With the three pump levels of the control system, you are fully in charge of your breast milk extraction. 

The exciting thing is that with each level of pumping style comes eight distinctive suction levels that you can alternate to get the natural mimic rhythm that comes with natural breastfeeding.

Its captivating features include a backlit LCD screen that displays information and a timer showing the duration you have used in pumping. Because of its simplicity, it comes with only five buttons for various operations. Plus, a backflow cap that saves you from having to worry with flow back.  


  • It has a safety measure of hospital grade
  • Ideal pump for the anxious and first-time mom
  • It comes with complete accessories you will need
  • Customer-friendly customer services in case you need any help


  • Its pumping could be noisy
  • Not too ideal for those with a heavy flow of breast milk

6.Best Affordable Breast Pump For Working Moms: Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

You probably think that manual pumps require a lot of work to pump the breast milk, right? Well, Haakaa Manual breast pump proves otherwise. 

Some manual breast pumps could bore you with maintenance and the likes? Haakaa manual breast pump isn’t one of those. This is because it is made entirely from silicone, and needs little or no maintenance.

And if you are a mom that enjoys breastfeeding with one breast, then this is definitely a choice you should consider. 

You know, while breastfeeding, there is a divergence of breast milk flow to the other breast. 

By using Haakaa breast pump, you can make this happen seamlessly. And guess what, you don’t need to use your hand with its suction.

It also comes lightweight, portable, and compact, making it less of a burden while you move and pump. 

Plus, it fits into nipples perfectly, hence you have zero worries about breast milk leaking while you breastfeed and pump.


  • It is simple to use
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Little or no maintenance level
  • Milk doesn’t get to waste with it
  • Very easy to operate once you know how it works


  • The mode of operation isn’t customized
  • The silicone could loose while using. 

7. Fastest Breast Pump For Working Moms: KidsTime Electric Double Breast Pump

Arguably, one of the fastest electric pumps out there.

With KidsTime Electric, in less than 100 seconds you are done with the pump with a volume of over 30 dB. 

Another thing I really love about it, is its unique design, with a dual suckling function at a go.

It comes with a rare design such that the bottle prevents milk and air mixtures that often lead to baby gas.

Also, rest assured that your baby will not gas because of the combinations of air and pumped milk. 

The design also has a natural breastfeed feeling just like that of a baby from the flower petals.

Aside from the fact that you are in complete control over it because of its adjustable feature, it is also equipped with 18 modes of different suction levels, which is awesome. 

The bottle is complete BPA making it very safe for babies to use, and its PP meets FDA food-grade requirements.

Instantaneously, when it is on, it goes through two modes of operation, which are massaging mode and sucking for efficiency.


  • Completely BPA free
  • 18 varieties of suction level
  • Ideal breast pump for massaging and suction
  • Meets the international volume control guidelines


  • No English language user’s guide
  • The brand is not a house name in the industry, but it works well just like other

8. Best Power Breast Pump For Working Moms: Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump

We all know the level of joy and excitement that comes with buying durable and reliable products—this is just one of the salient points of Spectra Baby USA S2 breast pump.

It is a hospital-grade breast pump which speaks volumes of its safe measure.

It also comes as a soothing experience and pleasure. The noise it produces is close to minus zero noise— which makes it super quiet.

Spectra 2 also comes with high power and optimization that enables you to pump efficiently. 

With its digital power control system that shows readings and the likes, you can seamlessly fine-tune the cycle and vacuum pressure to your best mode. It has various ways of suction and its rhythms. 

Since it is a closed system coupled with backflow, your baby is guaranteed hygienic milk. 

It also means that your breast milk will not pass through the tube, making it cost little or no effort to clean after use. Although it has no battery option, it is reliably durable.


  • It allows dual pumping
  • Soothing massaging mode
  • It is highly hygiene for daily use
  • It is tranquil and has a long-lasting span
  • Digital functional control for the effective operation


  • Absence of travel bag pack
  • Has only a power cable option

9. Best Hospital-grade Breast Pump: IKARE Double Breast Pumps Hospital Grade

Sharing breast pumps has just got more comfortable. With IKARE Double breast pump, you have no worries again because it is made for BFA-free material and simultaneously meet hospital-grade standards. 

Hence your days of thoroughly examining breastfeed pumps are over. Its memory functionality comes handy as you have the last settings saved immediately you attempt to use it.

With its wide options of modes such as deep express, massaging, and bionic you are at liberty to get the optimal experience of breastfeeding. 

Plus, this model features nine levels of suckling. Suction has never been better than this!

Another fantastic feature of IKARE breast pump is that it prevents your breast milk from contamination with bacteria and ensures that your baby gets clean and hygienic milk. 

It separates the pumping tube unit from the flow of the milk through its piston-driven advanced technology. With its multi- size breast flange cups that range from 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm, you are in for a bolstered breastfeeding thrills.


  • High and optimal power
  • You can switch to manual pump use
  • It comes with noise proof technology
  • Has a memory feature that saves you time


  • Has only two bottles
  • Limited accessories options

10. Best Multi-Use Breast Pump For Working Moms: YIHUNION Dual-Use Battery Baby Milk Pump 

If multitasking and breastfeeding seem just overwhelming to you, then you should go for YIHUNION Dual breast Baby milk pump. 

It is easy to carry around and has no wire which makes it hassle-free. Because of its size, you can use a hand to operate it.

I really love the fact that it has three modes of operation, with each having eight varieties of adjustable settings that you can choose. 

You will get a baby-like mimic rhythm while using the pump. Also, it displays different indications such as time, levels, and other crucial information on its LCD screen.

Because the breast pump is BPA free and a closed system type, it is hygienic and healthy for you and your baby to use. 


  • It poses no noise during use
  • Several charging port options available
  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • Cleaning comes with little or no effort


  • No option for different size flange
  • A slight pinch from the silicone at time

11. Best LCD Breast Pump For Working Moms: SURPCOS Double Electric Breast Pump

The SURPCOS Double Electric breast pump comes with an intimidating screen sensitive LCD light. You don’t need to strain your sight to see and read the display information shown on the screen. 

The display shows your suction level, the mode at which the pump is operating, and your pump status.

SURPCOS double pump is CE approved and since it is also BPA free—meaning you have no worries to nurse regarding its safe use for you and your baby. 

It is designed such that it doesn’t give its content, unusual or hazardous smells.

Not only is the pump easy to assembly, but it also comes with lots of accessories that help moms with breastfeeding seamlessly. 

This is why a lot of moms call it mom helpers. 

Its lithium battery could be used for up to two hours when fully charged. Cleaning has been easy with SURPCOS because of its exhaust film.


  • An effective memory function
  • Zero worries about foul smells
  • Super easy to assemble and use
  • With lots of accessories, it is quite affordable


  • The shipped package isn’t well packed, but there are very few instances so far

What to Look For in a Breast Pump For Working Moms

There are several factors to consider before choosing a breast pump. 

It all boils down to your choice as a working mom in most cases. However, here are some important things I highly recommend that you should look out for in a breast pump:

  • Pump Strength
  • Sound 
  • Portability
  • Weight.
  • Double electric pump.
  • Pump speed.
  • Ease of use & cleanliness
  • Access to accessories.

How To Choose The Best Breast Pump For Working Moms

Now that you have decided to settle for a breast pump, you might still be wondering how to choose the best one. 

I understand that this could be worrisome especially if you’re a new mom with little or no experience regarding it. When I had my first child, I had the same challenge, but now, I have enough experience to point you in the right direction.


As a working mom, you need a portable breast pump. This is because they are usually small in size, lightweight, and easy to handle. I highly recommend that you shouldn’t buy a breast pump that will be too cumbersome and restrict your movement.

Suction Strength: 

Suction is another factor that you shouldn’t trade for any thing. The rate of milk flow is a factor to the suction power–that is, the level and frequency. Another thing, you want to check about the product suction is the level and the frequency. 

Most people fall in love with brands that give options to suction level.

With options, you have the means to adjust and fine-tune the breast pump to get the suckling experience you want. 

It is best to choose a breast pump with higher and better suction strength.

Power Source: 

If you’re a working mom, you’ll most likely want to pump on the move in some instances.

If that’s the case, then you should research the power source to confirm if it can be powered through battery or direct power or both. 

You need to find out how long a fully charged breast pump will last. And also check the options available to power the pump. 


Breastfeeding isn’t just all about giving breast milk to your baby, rather it should entail giving him/her a healthy extracted milk. 

So, make sure to check the content from which the breast pump is made, to confirm if it is BPA free.


No one likes to buy a thing today, and do the same the next day.

This is why the longevity of the breast pump matters a lot. No matter how good a product is, if it won’t last long, then it won’t be worthwhile to buy it.


Even though this doesn’t mean a lot as breast pumps in most cases are not returnable due to some health concerns. 

However, it is best to go for brands and products that give a warranty. Giving you a warranty shows that the brand has confidence in their products.

Parts Replacement:  

We all know how frustrating it can be if you want to replace a part of a device and it’s not available. You should check for this and be sure that the brand’s components can be easily replaced.


One of the several reasons to use a machine or any other device aside from human effort is for efficiency.

Ensure that you choose a breast pump that has a high-efficiency rate, as this will make the extraction of milk easy, effortless, and wholly.


If you don’t like noise or your baby doesn’t want any sound while sleeping, then you need a breast pump that is ultra quiet.

Advantages of Using a Breast Pump For Working Moms

There are tons of benefits that come with using a breast pump, especially for working moms. 

Aside helping you to provide your baby with breast milk when needed, it still has other benefits which include. 

Helps You to Provide Nutrients to the Baby

Breast pumps allow working moms to give their baby breast milk at the regular interval. 

This helps the baby with nutrients, and also improves their immune system.

Great for Lactation

Using breast pumps enhanced mom’s milk production during lactation.

Helps In Combating Cancer

Since most moms use a breast pump away from their baby or at work, they are less susceptible to engorgement. Also, it helps reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

Quick Recovery

When pumping, there is a simulation of hormones that hasten the post-partum recovery of moms from maternity compared to moms who do not use breast pumps.

When Can You Use a Breast Pump?

The time to use a breast pump varies, and it depends on the conditions of the new mom. 

If, for instance, you have just given birth, we advise that you start using it after four to five weeks. 

At this time, your breastfeeding will have been fully formed.

However, if after birth, your child needs the attention of the NICU, then you can start using a breast pump immediately.

Do You Need a Breast Pump?

Using a breast pump or not varies from one mom to another.

Before you decide whether to use a breast pump, you will have to do some self-examination regarding your health, job, and baby feeding pattern and convenience.

Truth is, your convenience and state of mind matters a lot and are significant factors to consider before opting for a breast pump. 

So, if you are a working mom, then you will need a breast pump. However, if you are stay-at-home mom like me, then you may not need one.

Though I work remotely, I can’t emphasize how the breast pump I use has helped me greatly. 

In summary, here are some things you should check off your list in order to use a breast pump:

  • Limited flow of breastfeeding
  • Health issues which make breastfeeding difficult
  • Your baby enjoys breast milk
  • You are always unavailable due to work, tight schedule and unforeseen contingency

These factors are not must-haves before you use a breast pump.

However, you can choose to abide by them if you want.

What Types of Breast Pumps are There?

Breast pumps are classified based on their modes of operations. We have hospital-grade, electrical, and manual breast pumps.

Electric Breast Pump

Arguably, the most popular choice among most working moms. The reason is simple. It gives new moms the needed speed and option of selection. 

It is further subdivided into single and double electric breast pumps.

For single electric breast pumps, it allows you to pump at one side of the breast at a time.

Hence it is not the best for moms who need to pump breast milk in record time.

For a double electric breast pump, you have the flexibility to pump with both breasts at the same time. This saves you more time, especially if you are a working mom who likes to pump breast milk during your leisure hour.

Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

Renowned for its high rate efficiency and power, hospital-grade breast pumps are known to produce the fastest and better frequency among other breast  pumps. 

Though it costs more, it is mostly available for rent. These types of pumps are suitable for multiple users.

Manual Breast Pump

With a manual breast pump, you will have to operate it with your hand and also use the suction manually. 

However, it’s inexpensive and requires little effort to clean. Not only that, they are also noiseless and easy-to-use compared to other breast pumps.

Breast Pump Accessories You Might Need

When buying a breast pump, it is essential to note that, depending on the brand or type you purchased, you might need some additional accessories.

While some brands will provide you with the needed accessories, others might not.

Below are some breast pump accessories you might need as a working mom:

Breast Shield: 

Babies at times have a hard time suckling due to their mouth sizes and breast milk flows,and  this can cause latching problems.

If your baby has a latching issue then you might want to consider buying a breast shield.

Here is my review of the best nipple shields for breastfeeding.

Breast Pump Bag: 

You like to be organized, don’t you? I do too. Breast pump pack enables you to have all other accessories in a bag. 

In some cases, it also comes with an inbuilt ice cooler and insulator to help keep your milk in the desired state—as fresh as possible.

You can check out some amazing breast pump bags on Amazon.

Nursing Cover: 

Breastfeeding in public places could be intimidating and uncomfortable, especially if you are a first-timer.

With a nursing cover, you can breastfeed confidently in public as you’re sure that your breast is appropriately covered.

You can take a look at some really cool nursing covers on Amazon.

Storage Bottle: 

If you pump far away from home or maybe for future uses, you will need to keep it safe and fresh. 

Storage bottle (available on Amazon) allows you to keep the milk you pump in to either the ice pack or refrigerate it afterwards.

Closed-system Vs Open-system Breast Pump: Which Should You Go For?

If you’re a new mom, you might be wondering what the difference between a closed and open system breast pump is? 

At the same time, you don’t know which you should go for? I understand.

Below are some differences between them to give you an idea.

Closed-system Breast Pump

If safety is your priority, then a closed system breast pump is all you need. 

In a closed system, there is a barrier—a separation between the part that extracts the milk and the part that collects it.

Leaving no gap for outside particles such as germs, bacteria, contaminated air.

Closed-system is also known as overflow protection due to how it works.

Open-system Breast Pump 

With this breast pump, the milk goes through the pump channel and then into the container or bottle. 

With this system, there are high chances of contamination, and this can trigger the growth of bacteria. 

The tubes or boxes could be sterilized from time to time, but the motor cannot be thoroughly cleaned.

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve reviewed the best breast pump for working moms in 2022.

This gives you a detailed explanation of what to look out for in a breast pump, how to choose the best breast pump, and the features that stand out for each of the 11 best breast pumps for working moms that we reviewed.

Overall, our top pick is Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus. And if you’re looking to buy a breast pump as a working mom, we highly recommend that you go for it.