11 Best Breast Pumps For Travel In 2023: [Reviews For Busy Moms]

Are you planning to go on a long trip? Perhaps you drive to work every day, and don’t have enough time to breastfeed your baby?

No worries, I was once in the same plight as you–until I found out the perfect breast pump I could use for travel.

Of course, there are tons of breast pumps for travel available in the market right now, choosing the best one could be daunting.

In this post, I will share with you the 11 best breast pump for travel in 2023. 

I’ll also answer some common questions about traveling with a breast pump.

Let’s get started.

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Best Breast Pump For Travel: Our Top Picks (And Reviews)

Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

If you have been searching for a breast pump for travel that would allow you to pump not just twice or thrice daily, but as many times as you want, then, Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump is exactly what you need. 

We chose this as our overall best breast pump for travel, due to its digital display and memory feature. With the memory feature, you don’t have to worry about positioning, and suction to get the efficiency in pumping, you can easily save the best pattern for future uses. While the digital display feature has a timer that makes breastfeeding at night cool with its backlight.

For moms whose baby dislikes hearing sounds, this electric breast pump freestyle is super quiet and enables you to pump even while the baby is on your lap. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that allows you to pump in case you are in a location where you don’t have access to light.


  • Highly portable and efficient
  • Options to use a single or double pump
  • Has rechargeable battery for pumping on the go


  • It is expensive than most breast pumps

Bellababy Double Electric Breastfeeding Pump

Why should you choose Bellababy Double Electric Breastfeeding Pump? Well, because it is pocket friendly and has quality battery life. Not only that, it is also safe and hygienic for your baby’s food because it is BPA and phthalate-free. Also, the low-level decibel is around 48dB, making it one of the lowest amongst other pumps.

Giving you more than you pay for getting the pump, it offers two extra storage containers where you can keep extra breastfeed milk for the baby. And just like the expensive Medela above, it also has different adjustable suction levels, such as four modes and nine levels for efficient milk production. Plus, these modes have the last memory highlight that picks from immediately when you pump.

Not only does this come with features that expensive breastfeeding pumps have, but it also comes with other perks like a touch panel for easy operation that you hardly find in other pumps. It is also wireless and has a long span battery that you can recharge in no time with USB—making it an ideal choice for moms on the go.


  • It is BPA phthalate-free
  • Has two sets of milk storage bags
  • Comes with a touch panel for easy use
  • Four modes and nine-level of operations


  • Some moms complained about strong suction against nipples.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced

Functionality, Style, and advanced technology are the triune qualities that make Medela Pump in Style Advanced a force to reckon with. The pump comes with a 2-phase Expression technology designed to help moms optimize and efficiently get milk production in record time.

Not only is the breast pump an electric pump, but it can also be powered with a battery. This means that in the absence of electricity, you’ll still get to use it, anywhere anytime. The pump is a closed system pump, which prevents your milk from getting mixed with the tube. It is also a means to prevent contamination from the baby’s food. The pump has a touch letdown, an adjustable knob for speed.

If these features do not attract you, then it is essential to mention that it comes with lots of accessories like a cooler, two shields, two bottles, and a battery pack. While the extra bottle can be used to store extra milk when you are over-pumped, the backpack will come handy for keeping the other accessories safe and mobile. 


  • It has on the go tote feature
  • It can use battery power for operation.
  • Two phased advanced expression technology


  • Not your ideal quiet pump 
  • Single control for operation

YIHUNION Dual Use Portable Electric Breast Pump

YIHUNION Dual Use Portable Electric Pump gives breastfeeding moms the support needed for suction, natural massaging, and milking. It’s made from silicone material, BPA free and satisfies food grade requirements which makes it safe and hygienic for your baby food.

Lactation is essential; hence the breast pump comes with up to eight different levels of suction for massaging mom’s breast. Each of the suction levels gives moms the natural messaging rhythm of a baby. It also has a mini breast pump bag that you can keep your baby’s item in.

Plus, it has a long-lasting inbuilt battery that, if charged once, could be used six times. This also means you get to use it whenever you are out of electricity. For your baby’s health and safety, this breast pump comes with a backflow protector that blocks milk from returning to the tube. This eliminates potential germs and keeps the milk fresh.


  • Fast USB charging port
  • It is detachable and easy to clean 
  • It has an LCD for information
  • 900 mAh in-built battery that is durable


  • It is small in size
  • After some months of use, some moms complained of container spin-off

Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

Philips and AVENT have collaborated to give moms and their babies the best of their essential product, which includes the Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump. With a single touch on the soft massaging cushion and pedal, the device gives moms the mimic of natural suckling.

For a breathtaking breast pumping experience, you can choose between the three expressions low, medium, and the higher suction level that come from the soft simulation. In case you are very pumped, you need not worry as the breast pump has two containers that can help moms store up to 4 ounces of milk for later use.

One of the most ideal breast pumps for traveling is this Philips AVENT Double electric breast pump. This is because it comes in a design that is easy to assemble and clean. Spillage is worrisome and can cause extra work for moms, but to avoid this, it has two flanges that fit almost any breast pump.


  • Compact in design and light
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Two flanges and two containers for mom’s use
  • It has Thinsulate that contain cold park and manual guide 


  • Not ideal if you want to use one suction

Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump is a hospital-grade breast pump that has been putting smiles on mom’s face for breastfeeding. 

It has improved the closed system mechanism that is functional and also for preventing express milk from flowing back to the tube. The closed system ensures air doesn’t come between the pumped fluid. Mixing breast milk with air could cause bacteria and mold or tamper with the freshness of the milk; this improved system prevents such.

For traveling, the rechargeable battery is an excellent companion. With the adjustable feature, moms can choose the desire and comfortable speed they want, also add to that is the messaging options. Also attached to the device is a night light for night mode operation and a timer. If you want to pump the two breasts simultaneously, or just one, this breast pump is ideal both for single and double pumping. 


  • You can personalize the pump set.
  • It has two size options 24mm, and 28mm.
  • Can be used for both single and double pumping
  • It makes less noise compared to most hospital grade pumps.


  • Some users complained of durability and short life span

Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh SmartPump Double Electric Breast Pump deserves a spot on our list of best breast pumps for travel because of its versatility, efficiency, and unique synchronization feature that you don’t get with most breast pumps. The smart breast pump can connect with the Lansinoh Baby application through Bluetooth. Through this connection, moms can monitor their pump, breastfeeding session, and also get help materials.

For breastfeeding moms’ utmost satisfaction, the pump has custom Expression, three different pump styles, and eight suction levels that give moms the similarity of having a suckling baby. The flanges of the pump come comfy and ultra-soft on mom’s breast, and there is no fear of breast diseases such as engorgement, mastitis, and duct.

With lots of highlights from the latest version, it includes accessories such as letdown breast milk collector. Plus, Nursing pad, seven ingredients of organic nipple cream. It also has Two five ounces storage containers, white valves, and AC power adapter.

It is also a closed system; hence it has a barrier between your baby’s milk and the tube. This helps in cleaning and drying the device easily.


  • It comes with 2-phase technology
  • The breast pump set is dish washable
  • It has two five ounces storage containers


  • It has some leakage issues according to some buyers
  • The pump suction malfunctions

IKARE Double Breast Pump Hospital Grade

This is a hospital grade freestyle double breast pump with innovative-based design that gives moms more options that they can have in a breast pump. Moms can personalize their setting with the six suction and 20 levels of cycle for mom’s comfortability. IKARE Double Breast Pump Hospital Grade is not only powerful but also pocket friendly.

It is also a closed system pump, which means that the milk and breast pump motor won’t mix together. Hence, you can be sure that the breast milk is healthy. Another pointer is that the device pumps milk at breakneck speed; this comes handy especially when moms need to pump while the baby is taking a nap. For a more natural breastfeeding rhythm, you can choose from the three preset modes: Massage, Bionic and Deep express.

Like all IKARE products, this breast pump is also FDA approved, and has certified the RoHS requirement. Apart from using this pump anywhere, and everywhere you go, you can also use it at night, since it has an LCD and a memory function.


  • It is efficient and fast
  • Portable and mobile-friendly
  • It has a backlight touch panel 
  • Six suction level and 20 cycles for optimal pumping


  • Has a short lifespan

BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

For active pumping, you need an effective pumping device, and this is what BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump is designed for. The silicone made device is to massage and help moms stimulate her breast milk, with its powerful suction.

Suckling and squeezing are natural ways of a baby’s breastfeeding. To give moms this feeling, the breast pump has 2-phase mode and nine adjustable suction which moms can switch between to get the desired pump setting. Moms can also personalize these settings. With its Independent Dual Control (IDU), moms now have the means to operate on both sides of the pump independently. 

More importantly, this IDU technology is time effective, as it saves mom more than half of the pumping time. It also has an LCD touch display, an inbuilt rechargeable battery, and a memory function setting that auto-resumes from the last settings. The pump comes with a bag that holds all your items in one place when traveling. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with a bag to keep accessories
  • It has a quick assembly and user guide for the mom
  • It is FDA approved, so it is safe for your baby’s health


  • It develops issues after three to fourth months

Medela, Harmony Breast Pump, Manual Breast Pump

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump comes in an ergonomic design, soft swivel handle, provides comfort, and enables moms to pump without burning out her muscles—designed to empty moms’ breasts in record time.

Unlike the electric pumps that come with different levels of adjustable suction, this manual pump comes with a controllable vacuum that is not only adjustable but also allows moms to pump breast milk at an optimal level with the efficient flow. Moms only need to switch to the long handle to reduce the flow when it gushes—it facilitates the means to which moms get full Expression.

It is designed with 2-phase expression technology, where the first phase serves as the simulation phase and the other phase which usually begins when there is a supply of milk. It comes with a breastfeed bottle with lids, a valve, and a membrane. The breastfeed pump is free from BPA, which is hazardous for your baby.


  • It has portable in design
  • 2-phase expression technology
  • Comes with bottle +lids, valve wand membrane 


  • Not your idea large volume milk pump
  • Weak suction level peculiar to all manual pumps

Evenflo Feeding Hospital Strength Deluxe Advanced Breast-Feeding Closed System

One way to get the best pumping experience is by having total control of the pumping session so you can have an optimal expression; this is what Evenflo Feeding Hospital Strength Deluxe Advanced Breastfeeding Closed System gives to moms. 

It has a customized control system that comes with multiple combinations of speed and suction, making moms be in charge of pumping sessions to maximize expression.

It has a closed system design that works well against the backflow of milk pumped mixing.It also comes with three different sizes of flanges—this is to give the flexibility of accommodating other pumps; with it mom would not have to worry about flanges issues. 

It comes with an AC power adapter so moms can pump on the go, it also has batteries 6AA that can be used anywhere anytime. It features multiple bottles for pumped milk, storage bag, and even a replacement valve.


  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Has a storage bag and multiple bottles
  • Various sizes of flanges that fit almost all pumps


  • A bit bulky
  • The pump is a bit noisy.

Types of Breast Pumps

There are four types of breast pumps which are hospital-grade, manual, battery, and electric breast pumps.

Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Arguably, this is the best type of breastfeeding pump among the four categories of breast pumps. Aside from being the most recommended by lactation experts, they provide moms the strongest suction.

They produce sufficient milk for moms in record time than most pumps, and work effectively for double pumping simultaneously.

Hospital breast pumps are your ideal pump for moms of twins, and preemies. But since they are bulky, they aren’t fit for traveling. 

Electric Breast Pump

Electric breast pumps are usually compact in design, and they give power and speed but nothing in comparison to hospital-grade pumps.

They are renowned for their fast and effective pumping features, and they are moms’ best option for double pumping.

The downside of an electric pump is that it requires that you are stationary while pumping, because they come with a cord that restricts your movement. 

However, you have an exception and flexibility with Spectra S1 and Medela Freestyle, which are not only electric-powered but also battery powered.

Manual Breast Pump

If you desire the natural rhythm of a suckling baby, then manual breast pumps are the best. They are not only cheap; but also make less noise compared to other types of breast pumps. 

They are cheap, so you don’t need to break the bank to get it. Although they are portable; they require more time for pumping, since you have to do the pumping by hand.

Because they are usually small in size, they have fewer parts, and are easy to use and clean.

Battery Breast Pump

These breast pumps are your go-to pump on the go. They don’t require an electrical source. Once you have charged the breast pump, you can use it anywhere at any time.

It however consumes more time than other categories of pumps. With this pump, you have no options for double pumping. 

Battery breast pumps are more powerful, faster than manual breast pumps.

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Flying With Your Breast Pump: Everything you need to know.

Unlike what you might have thought about–you don’t need to make a mountain out of a molehill should you plan to travel with your breast pump.

However, here are the few things to know before you fly with our breast pump:

Before Flying

First, you want to familiarise yourself with the TSA rules regarding traveling with your baby’s pump. Here is the detailed guide for traveling with children.

You might want to inform the airline you will be flying, that you are likely to breastfeed your baby while on the plane, and a breast pump may be needed.

This will alert them, and a provision might come in your favor.

At the Airport

The International Lactation Consultant Association, suggests that either in your traveling bag or even as a single unit item, your breast pump is not to be checked. However, you should present it to the security at the checkpoint to inspect it.

Note that you may be asked to open the bottle.

Breast milk is considered to be a medical item, and so you can fly with more than 4 ounces of it.

Also, your breast pump is best considered personal belongings, and so you can carry it with you inside the plane.

While on the Plane

Some moms would like to pump while on air, and hence it is advisable that your breast pump is with you and not packed with other luggage. 

Goes without saying that the altitude and change in air pressure may affect your cute angel, so you want to leverage on breastfeeding to minimize this effect.

Ensure to pack all the items you’ll be needing for the whole breastfeeding process— such as baby wrap where you can put your baby. 

Some essential items you might need are Nursing cover, power adapter, hand sanitizers, storage bank, etc.

While on the plane, you have two options to use your breast pump—either on your seat or using the toilet space.

Driving With Your Breast Pump: How to Do it Right

Using a breast pump while driving seems contradictory — perhaps you are even thinking how safe this is, perhaps, it is against the driving ethics. 

Yes, we are to concentrate  while driving, so how does one reconcile with using a breast pump while driving?

If it’s against the law where you stay, please don’t do it. But, there are some places where as long as the driving is not reckless, moms are allowed to drive and use a breast pump.

Here some safety precautions and measures to take while driving and using a breast pump:

Step 1 

Set up the breast pump properly before you start your journey. This includes fastening your seat belt before you start driving.

Step 2 

Use a hands-free bra. Hence you must ensure it fits well and you feel comfortable with it. Your safety first!

Step 3

Empty your containers so you can store your breast milk and have full expression.

Step 4 

Connect the pump, attach the breast shields and containers; you can then turn the pump, and zoom off.

Step 5

Make sure you are well covered. This is why discreet breast pumps are necessary.

Step 6

When you are done with pumping, you might want to pack somewhere to unplug or detach it.

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Keeping Your Breast Pump Clean: Some Safety Precautions

The safety of your baby comes first. This is why you want to take note of these safety precautions while using the breast pump.

  • Ensure the milk collected is well covered after the pump, then placed in a safe place. In this case, refrigeration comes handy, as it helps preserve and keep it fresh.
  • After every pumping exercise, you want to clean the pump area, such as the pump panel, the dial, and the pump ends, with disinfectant wipes.
  • You should take all the parts of the pump apart for cleaning regularly
  • If you choose to clean by hand, place the parts of the pump in a basin, wash with soap and water, then allow it to dry for further use.
  • You may choose to wash and clean your pump with the dishwasher, but the best of them all is microwave disinfecting bags for travelers.

Do You Need a Breast Pump While Traveling?

No, you do not need a breast pump while traveling if you will not use one.

However, if you are a nursing mom, and will be staying away from your little angel, then having a breast pump will serve you well. Having a breast pump while away will allow you to pump some breast milk, preventing you from having breast engorgement, mastitis, and clogged.

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve reviewed the best breast pump for travel in 2023.

If you’re a nursing mom looking to buy a breast pump for breastfeeding, I believe the information shared in this post will help you choose the best one for yourself, especially when traveling. 

This is because we have taken our time to select the best breast pumps for travel out there, and also offer you useful insights on the exact things you must consider before choosing one.

I highly recommend that you go through the entire guide and digest it slowly, so you won’t find it hard choosing the best travel breast pump.

Also, we showed you those features that make each product distinct from the others.

Overall, our top pick is Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump. And if you’re looking to buy a breast pump for travel today, we highly recommend that you go for it.

Is there anything you think I missed in this list, kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below.