7 Best Mesh Postpartum Underwear [2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

As it is well known, the postpartum period is a phase that often breaks the threshold of most moms, physically, biologically, and even psychologically. 

Most moms wonder why they have to undergo many phases of transformation, starting from pregnancy stage to postpartum in pains, agony, itches, and distress. 

But this is our reality, and our body is fashioned biologically to undergo these phases.

As a mom, you don’t have to look depressed and messy after childbirth, even if you have a c-section of child delivery.

You have all the right to be healthy; keep your good look with confidence.

In this article, I’ll review the 7 best mesh postpartum underwear out there.

I’ll also highlight all you need to know and the features to look for in selecting the best mesh postpartum underwear.

Also, I’ll share my experience with you, so that you will know exactly how to go about selecting a postpartum underwear when preparing your hospital bag for delivery.

If you ever get puzzled while trying to get the best postpartum mesh underwear, I believe that this review will be useful for you. 

Let’s get started.

Best Mesh Postpartum Underwear: Our Top Picks

Here are the 7 best mesh postpartum underwear that we recommend for moms in 2022.

1. Best Overall Mesh Postpartum Underwear: Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear (Without Pad)

As a mom, you must have heard about at least a product from Fridababy before now; they are well known for the production of top-notch quality baby kits. 

They are also the brain behind this Frida Disposable underwear. And since it was made from a microfiber and spandex, the underwear is super light and ultra-soft.

Another feature it has is that for every pack, you get eight pieces of underwears inside. 

In case you have been hunted by postpartum toil and perspiration, and you get distressed as a result, the microfiber design helps to prevent these, and facilitate enabling conditions. 

And if you want to dish your regular hospital panties, then this is your best bet, as most moms preferred it more than the hospitals’.

Also, it comes in two various sizes, which you can choose from—and this comes with interior storage to enable you to save different layers of pads and ice maxi pad. 

Plus, this underwear has perineal for cooling effect and also pain relievers. 

I really love the fact that the underwear is fully loaded and highly supportive of a snug. This is definitely your best underwear which accommodates your postpartum reliefs.


  • Ultra-soft and breathable
  • Regulates your body moisture
  • It is latex-free hence eco-friendly
  • Comes handy after surgery for securing your pads


  • Not ideal for large women

2. Best Mesh Postpartum Underwear For Transition: Seamless Mesh Knit Underwear

Postpartum flows that go on for weeks could make moms lose their sense of confidence and womanhood because they are often overwhelmed. 

Seamless Mesh Knit is designed to give back the lost confidence. The underwear is made from breathable and soft material for maximum airflow. 

Since it is 96% polyester and 6% spandex, the material is lightweight.

Seamless Mesh is suitable for both natural birth and c-sections. 

The last thing you want is to reignite the scars of the incision, and since this has no elastic band, it does not apply pressure on your incision. 

And if you travel a lot, this underwear comes handy. Since the underwear is not only reusable, but you can easily dispose of it after several uses.

Seamless Mesh Knit underwear comes with five pieces in a pack, and keeps your large pads, and surgical bandages in place and comfortable. 

Little wonder it is highly rated amongst the essential for quick surgical recovery. With this underwear, you don’t have to worry about oversize after childbirth.


  • No elastic waistband
  • It is disposable and reusable 
  • The pads and bandage are well placed
  • Made from soft and breathable material for ventilation


  • Little discomfort around
  • Wear out after some use

3. Best Mesh Postpartum Underwear For C-section: Seamless Mesh Postpartum Underwear C-Section

One way to get through with postpartum underwear is to ensure that you have underwear suitable for day and nightwear. Mesh postpartum underwear for C-section fits this perfectly. 

This underwear is crafted suitably for moms that plan to have a c-section. And if you have to change underwear often daily, it comes really handy.

Made from polyester and spandex, the material is featherweight, stretchy and breathable. 

This product doesn’t discriminate whether you are a lightweight size mom, or more than average size mom, you are at liberty to choose from the various available sizes. 

It ranges from XS 40-60cm, which is the size option for babies, and others such as S65-75cm, M70-85cm, L80-95cm, XL90-105, XXL100-115cm, XXXL 110-130cm.

While some moms prefer to change from one brand to another; if you are the type that prefers a one time purchase then, this Mesh postpartum underwear is a perfect choice. 

It has a durable and long-lasting span with better quality. Overall, it is suitable for multi-purpose incontinence for c-section and postpartum.


  • It is durable
  • It is machine washable
  • Comes in various size options for different size mom


  • Not your average colorful maternity underwear
  • Some users find the sizing to be wrong

4. Best Mesh Postpartum Underwear For High Waist: Mesh Postpartum Underwear High Waist

During postpartum, most moms experience leaks and massive flows, so wearing anything that will adapt to such conditions is essential. 

If you seek to buy postpartum underwear that accompanies a mix which permits appropriate ventilation and padding, then Mesh Postpartum underwear High waist is the perfect fit for you.

This fits in with your body, bringing about less uneasiness.

Unlike your average underwear pants, this underwear stays high above your incision point and provides the comfort and warmth that will facilitate quick recovery. 

Incision need not be triggered after c-section, hence since it is from materials that are stretchable, breathable, and comfy. This postpartum pant is not only suitable for c-section but also vaginal birth underwear.

Mesh postpartum underwear is well knitted and breathable and made from polyester and spandex fabric that beats the best underwear from hospitals. 

It feels comfier under you than the average hospital postpartum underwear. At 60 degrees celsius, you get a good and easy washing, plus it is easy to dry. Also, it suits pregnancy, serious menstrual period, traveling, and incontinence.


  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Sits above your incision point
  • Comes handy for various purpose
  • Better than most hospital underwears


  • Made for short-term use

5. Best Washable Mesh Postpartum Underwear: Washable Mesh Pants 4 Pack Postpartum Underwear

It is rare to find postpartum underwear that will stay fit and not slide out or repeatedly shift while wearing. Washable mesh pants are designed with a user’s experience in mind. It holds firmly and securely in place than most loose leg underwear.

Each pack comes with four pieces, and you have little or no worries changing several times daily. 

In most cases, it contains all the maxi-pads that you will need after delivery. And since it is soft, stretchy, and as an elastic property, it adjusts to shape and fit properly to ensure you get enough support.

Also, the washable mesh postpartum underwear is reusable and washable. You can wash and reuse up to ten times and still get quality that comes with it making it durable for long-term use. 

If you’re a mom who’s always on the go, this is also a perfect fit for you.  


  • Works perfectly for leaks 
  • It adapts to shape to fit form
  • Can withstand wash up to ten times


  • Not a good fit for big-sized moms.

6. Best Elastic Mesh Postpartum Underwear: Women Disposable Mesh Panties PostBirth Recovery

This is another classic postpartum underwear that’s made from polyester and spandex. The fabric is ultra-soft and breathable for vaginal, c-section, and hysterectomy. 

Women Mesh panties have been a great companion for women who had normal or c-section birth for years. It comes with a design that is super-breathable and comfy for moms.

They are in comparison with the standard hospital undies, but they come in black colors, which make them best suitable for stain and leaks protections, unlike the ones in whites that look messy with stains. 

If you are looking for an underwear that is widely recognised among surgeons, then the women disposable Mesh panties will come really handy for you. 

It features six pieces in a package, and they are wide enough for more than average leg opening.

With this underwear, you need not spend any more on lingerie. And since these Mesh panties do not squeeze, they are the top choice for after birth underwear.


  • Durable and comes in high quality
  • It doesn’t bind around your waist
  • The mesh panties do not squeeze


  • No color option
  • Loose easily after birth

7. Best Multi-purpose Use Mesh Postpartum Underwear: Spklands Women Mesh Postpartum Panties

One thing that often distinguishes top-notch brands like Spklands, from others is their great attention to detail. 

This is why the Spklands Women Mesh postpartum panties are designed with a c-section spot cutout. This is not only washable and reusable but also disposable.

Spklands is a high waist postpartum underwear that sits comfortably around your waist and prevents your incision point from irritations. 

The texture and fabric are crafted to make it safe and comfy for users. 

The production process is first-rate, which is why it is skin-friendly and soft, it can be used for various purposes such as pregnancy, c-section, traveling, and others. 

If you are the type that has a high skin sensitivity, then this mesh postpartum underwear is for you. 

It is also compatible with all skin types and has a high resistance to rigor washing, giving you value your money. 


  • Comes with c-section cutout
  • It is ultra-soft and skin-friendly
  • Detailed in design and structure


  • It has sizing problems

Why You’ll Need a Postpartum Underwear

As a mom, you should never nurse the intention that you won’t be needing a postpartum underwear after delivery, and hence won’t include it in your list of hospital bag essentials. Especially if you are a first-time mom.

Will you need a postpartum underwear? 

Well, the straight answer is yes, and I’ll explain why in a bit.

After your childbirth, either through vagina or c-section, you will experience Lochia

It is a smelly discharge that could last over six weeks. Usually, this discharge scares some moms to death because of the heavy and continuous flow during the first ten days of the Lochia.

The flow at first comes in thick, dark, and clot-like form, and later becomes a thin and less light flow. 

Traditionally, the hospital will provide disposable undies to maintain the condition. However, this doesn’t get the work done.

And since you want to deal with this correctly, you need to get postpartum underwear that gives you style and helps restore a bit of confidence knowing that you are leak and stain proof.

Postpartum underwears enable you to put yourself together as a mom.

You’ll need it in most cases, especially if you will be having a c-section as it sits above your incision mark and provides the support that will facilitate quick recovery. 

One way to recover quickly from c-section is to avoid nudging the incision mark and also allow airflow to the part, which is what postpartum underwear does very well.

That’s not all, since postpartum wear comes with wide legs opening, even if you have a vaginal birth, they come handy since your body has undergone several reformations.

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Types of Postpartum Underwear

When it comes to the types of postpartum underwear, you can be sure that you have a lot of options to choose from. And these are readily available in the market for purchase. Below are some of them:

High Waist Pants: 

This comes really handy for c-section and lay above your incision mark, providing the needed support for you.

Period Underwear: 

If you’re thinking of using a pad during postpartum menstrual flow, then this is your choice.

Light Compression Pants: 

This helps to tighten your belly and provide support to regain form.

Pelvic Recovery Underwear: 

This provides support around your pelvic.

Disposable Briefs: 

They are the best use on the go and for incontinence.

Crossover Underwears: 

This can be used even when you are pregnant.

Postpartum Hipsters: 

This comes really handy for heavy flow and leaks

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Choosing Your Style: What to Consider When Buying Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum underwear comes in different styles and shapes with respect to the brands that produce them. However, you don’t want to feel like a storm in a teacup while you’re  about to choose one. 

Here are some things to consider which will  help you to make the best decision as far as choosing a postpartum mesh underwear is concerned.


Usually, you want to go for postpartum underwear that is made from cotton because they are always comfortable and fabulous to wear. 

Cotton-made underwear is also washable, soft, and absorb more than most other materials.

While spandex and polyester, which most underwears are made from, results in elasticity of the underwear. If the material is made from microfiber, you are sure to get super absorbing properties.

Also, some underwears are crafted from Bamboo, which is gaining momentum because of antimicrobial properties. 

Generally, for postpartum underwears, you need a material that is stretchy, breathable, and elastic. 


The size of your underwear will make or mar your experience. If you choose a size that is too tight, you get to avoid the problem of sliding up or down the pant, but you will probably have to sacrifice comfort.

Similarly, if you choose very loose undies, you have to deal with sliding up and down your clothes. 

This looks a bit puzzling, isn’t it? 

Well, as someone that will wear undie at postpartum, and this will mean you have other things such as pads, and other surgical relief items to wear with the underwear.

Bleeding during postpartum is every mom’s reality. Hence, you want to put on a pad that will deal with heavy flow and also prevent infection. Thick pads come handy for heavy flow.

So, you should choose a fitting size that will be some degree higher than your average size so you can leave room for maternity, c-section, and other pads.


Postpartum underwear is known for the support they give. 

If you have just had a c-section, you want support slightly above your incision. This will ensure a quick recovery. 

Also, if after childbirth you want to get back into shape as soon as possible, postpartum underwear provides the support to do so.


While most of the postpartum underwear is disposable, you may still wear them on several occasions. Some experts suggest that you should reuse your undies as best as you can.

Since during postpartum, you are faced with stains and leaks, you want to clean and dry them to prevent disease-causing organisms. So, you should probably go for an underwear that is washable and easy to dry. 

Plus, some come with odors, you want to get the ones that are odorless, and stain-proof.


This depends on how much you are willing to invest. We are sure that every penny spent on postpartum underwear will be worth it. 

Some are cost-effective, while others are expensive.

Mostly, it depends on the brands, the styles, and the numbers in a pack. 

While some undies can serve you from your maternity stage to postpartum, there are also others for short-term use. 

It is a function of what you want and how much you will pay to get it.

Mesh Postpartum Underwear: FAQs

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Postpartum Underwear.

How Long Do I Wear Postpartum Underwear?

There is no golden rule here, and it depends largely on you as the mom. Since you will experience Lochia after delivery, which usually lasts for at least six weeks, we suggest that you wear your postpartum underwear as long as your flow lasts.

How Long After a C-Section Can I Wear Regular Underwear?

After c-section, your incision point needs support that will facilitate speedy recovery; therefore, you should still have your underwear on as long as you need support.

Time frame? 

It depends on how well you and the medical team respond to post-op treatment. If you keep tampering with the incision mark, you reignite the incision, and it will take a longer time than normal to fully recover. 

However, if you are careful with it, and you follow the doctor’s advice religiously, you will recover at a breakneck speed.

Will Any Of The Postpartum Underwear Help Me Recover Easier?

As we have mentioned above, there are definitely some benefits that come with wearing postpartum underwear, and these range from providing support to making recovery easier.

Final Thoughts 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve reviewed the best mesh postpartum underwear in 2022.

I believe that with the information shared in this post, choosing a mesh postpartum underwear after a c-section or natural birth will be much easier. 

This is because we have taken our time to select the best mesh postpartum underwears out there, and also offer you useful insights on the exact things you must consider before choosing one.

I highly recommend that you go through the entire guide and digest it slowly, so you won’t find it hard choosing the best mesh postpartum underwear after delivery.

Overall, our top pick is Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear. And if you’re looking to buy a mesh postpartum underwear today, we highly recommend that you go for it.