7 Best Transition Swaddle Products to Use In 2022 [Expert’s Reviews]

If you are a nursing mom, and want to give your baby a similar experience like the one they got in the womb, then swaddling him/her is a must.

While there are a lot of experts’ views about swaddling a baby, generally, babies who get swaddled grow well. 

This is because, your baby needs the best sleep possible, and to get the best sleep in most cases, a transition swaddle comes in handy. As it provides the comfy and cozy feelings required for a long but deep and adequate sleep.

In this post, I’ll show you how to choose the best transition swaddle for your baby.

Also, we’ll review 7 best transition swaddle products that you can get for your baby in 2022.

Let’s get started.


Here are the best transition swaddle products to use in 2022 based on our extensive research and reviews.

Best Overall Transition Swaddle

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit 

Putting your baby to sleep every night should not give you a nightmare. 

After all, as a mom, you deserve a good rest too. 

So Baby Merlin’s magic suit was manufactured by a mother of four who wears the cap of being a pediatric physical therapist with your baby in mind. 

Baby Merlin’s magic is crafted to give your baby a magical quality duration of sleep.

The suits come in two sizes, which are suitable for babies between 3-6 months, and the other for babies between 6-9 months. 

While your baby is in it, its free arm and open hands enable self-soothing. Plus, it is made from two materials, mainly cotton and polyfill, which keeps your baby warm during winter. 

Although the suit is heavy, it comes handy by facilitating a quick sleep for your baby.

For most moms, washing a sleepsuit requires some amount of energy; however, for this particular one, you only need a soft touch and air dry it. 

Giving your baby a convenient and cozy sleeping experience is not just enough.

Rather, you want your baby to always have a consistent, routine, and comfortable sleep at all times.

This is what Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit does and that’s why it comes top on our list. 


  • It enhances self soothe
  • It is easy to wash and dry
  • An ideal sleep sack for winter
  • Available in two sizes options


  • It takes a longer time to dry after wash
  • Not easily worn and off

Best Transition Swaddle for Preemies

Amazing Baby Transitional Swaddle

The Amazing Baby transitional swaddle fosters your baby transition toward different stages. 

If you are looking for a swaddle that matches precisely with your little angel, then an Amazing Baby transitional swaddle is your best shot.

With this sleep sack, your baby gets to sleep in a fun way, since they make the material from cotton, which is soft and stretchy. 

Your baby gets maximum comfort, putting on the swaddle, which is ¾ length and enables numerous hand positions—which is an ideal choice for preemies.

This multi-award winning product comes with lots of amazing features that is worth every penny used to purchase it. 

These include mitten cuffs and confetti. 

The mitten cuffs come handy whenever your baby needs it. Either you open it for your baby to free their arms while sleeping, or you use it against the disfiguring of their face.

If you want a good and deep sleep for your baby, then your baby must self soothe.

Interestingly, this product strengthens self soothe for babies.


  • It has good range size options
  • Has mitten cuffs for different use
  • The sleep sack is machine washable


  • Neck size not wide enough

Best Stylish Transition Swaddle

SleepingBaby Zipadee-Zip Swaddle

Style and sophistication are a rare combo, and this has been difficult for most brands to achieve.

Most swaddle brands haven’t produced a first-rate swaddle that will enable your baby to move freely while in a crib and still be comfy and cozy. 

If your baby needs to transit from velcro, then you won’t regret choosing this product.

The starfish-like shape is unique, and it is widely accepted around the globe.

Although it has different designs for both male and female, it also has a gender-neutral design that works perfectly. 

One thing I love about the swaddle is the fact that the material is breathable, enabling your baby to get enough ventilation and, at the same temperature, controlled atmospheric conditions.

More so, SleepingBaby Zipadee-zip is easy to clean, as washing the exterior and the interior parts require little or no effort. 

Also, you don’t need to worry much about your baby’s safety with this swaddle.

The star-fish design is to hasten your baby to a sound sleep while wing-span aids movement without restriction and womb-like sensation.


  • Simple to use and fold
  • It is machine washable
  • Perfect fit for both gender
  • It has five different sizes of options


  • Some moms dislike the size
  • Garment string lose easily at times

Best Transition Swaddle By Design

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

The fact that your baby needs sleep doesn’t mean you should sacrifice their beauty. 

This is where SwaddleMe Original swaddle comes to the rescue. 

The swaddle is manufactured purely from 100% cotton which facilitates your baby’s temperature and enables you to keep tab so they won’t overheat.

Some moms have to worry about cleaning their swaddles and not having any other to use. 

With this swaddle, you don’t need to worry about that, as it comes with three sets, which enables moms to wash one, have the other in use, and have the third in store for future purpose. 

And you don’t have to scrub the sleepsuit rigorously when cleaning. This can be done easily with a gentle touch.

SwaddleMe Original also comes with velcro, and it suits any size of your baby. 

And if your baby likes to sleep raising their arms, this design also fits that perfectly. 

The mitten cuff which prevents babies from using their hands to scratch themselves can be applied, and you can ignore it. This design gives flexibility to your baby and helps your baby self soothe.


  • It is easy to use
  • Made from soft cotton
  • It comes in varieties of cute colors
  • It can be used with a car seat


  • It has no zipper
  • It is size constricted 

Best Transition Swaddle For Baby’s Hip Sleep

Woombie Grow With Me Baby Swaddle

Simplicity has never been found wanting; instead, it exemplifies the beauty in anything that it is applied to. 

With simplicity in mind, a group of nurses came up with this groundbreaking design that is aimed at giving your baby growing needs and providing the cozy sleep babies deserve. 

Woombie comes with a narrow waistline craft that gives your baby’s tummy the comfort for a relaxing sleep.

The five stages of design swaddle come handy for your baby through their developmental stages, and you don’t have to keep changing swaddles at different stages of your baby’s development. 

You always get to pick from different sizes that will suit your baby with ease, which ranges from large, extra-large, and even arms-free sleep sacks.

Woombie Grow not only helps babies to self soothe, but it also makes transition come seamlessly. 

This is done by providing babies a stimulating womb-like atmosphere, and they get to back sleep effortlessly. 

Since it is designed by nurses who understand what it takes to nurse a baby, they ensure that the design is fit for shoulder and hip.


  • It cuddles your baby
  • Easy to use and adjustable
  • It enhances self soothe for babies
  • Has different sizes for different babies


  • Some moms find it too stiff
  • Some moms find the size issue to be misleading

Best Transition Swaddle For Free Movement

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Transition Bag 

Using a swaddle should not translate to restricting your baby’s movement. This is usually unhealthy no matter how small.

The Love To Dream Swaddle Up is for moms who want their babies to get a free movement of their arms while in a swaddle. 

Made from over 95% cotton, and close to 5% elastane—and with a TOG rating of 1, it is suitable for temperature between 68-75 F.

This allows your baby to move their hands about and also calm their startle reflex. 

It features an amazing two-way zipper that facilitates the easy removal of diapers at breakneck speed without the need to re-swaddle your baby. 

Plus, the zipper serves moms better than the noisy velcro and can be used at a different time.

If you are not cool with the conventional swaddle, then this is the perfect replacement for your baby. 

Since you have two-way zippers, one from the bottom, the other from the rear, your baby will get a lasting sleep. Also, it comes in different sizes, giving you the flexibility of choice as your baby grows.


  • It has two ways zipper
  • Comes with a zipper for easy use
  • The material enables babies to self soothe
  • Ideal fit for babies that move around during sleep


  • Not ideal for small size babies
  • A washing could lead to shrinkage

Best Innovative Transition Swaddle

The Ollie Swaddle

Changing your baby’s diaper has never been this easy; this uniquely designed Ollie swaddle has lots of exciting features that will make moms break the bank to get it. 

Like the wear of most athletes, it is designed with a moisture-wicking material. 

It comprises over 80% polyester and 14% spandex hence its light featherweight.

The material’s composition also makes it breathable, and your baby is at ease with the sleep sack and the environment. 

With this sleepsuit on your baby, you don’t have to unfasten the entire swaddle to change your baby’s diaper. 

A custom design that enables you to have personalized settings for your baby. Your baby goes through transition easily through stages.

One thing I like about it is the fact that it keeps the feet of your baby comfortable and warm with the elastic loop at the bottom. It also comes with a laundry pack with the purchase

Since there shouldn’t be any hindrance between your baby’s face and nose, this swaddle is crafted below the shoulder, enabling healthy growth of the shoulder joint.


  • It is durable
  • Simple to use
  • It facilitates your baby transition


  • It is expensive
  • Some moms dislike the sound of the velcro

What is Swaddling?

Swaddling involves wrapping your baby in a blanket or sleepsuit, such that only the head and sometimes the arms are exposed.

This is to ensure that the little one gets a simulated environment that is womb-like for sleep.

Essentially, the transition swaddle is used to keep the baby’s body snug—and also to keep a tab on the startle reflex, which is usually active between 3-6 months.

What are the Types of Swaddles?

Swaddles are based on two categories—which are 1) Traditional Blanket swaddle. And 2) Swaddle sacks and pouches. 

Traditional swaddle

These are swaddles that come in thin and large shapes. They are like burritos, and they come handy even at post-swaddles.

Swaddle sacks and suit

If you want features like zippers, velcro, and the likes, then they are included in swaddle sacks and suits.

These are further categorised into the following based on the materials they are made from.


Undoubtedly, this is the most common type of material that most swaddles are made of. It is the first choice material for most brand and moms for their babies. This is because cotton-made swaddles are suitable for almost any condition.

Muslin swaddle blanket

If top-notch quality, breathable, and lightweight, are the features you want from a swaddle, then you want to go for a Muslin swaddle blanket. They are usually a makeshift from 100% cotton material and often come in plain wave designs.

Sleepsack swaddles

This is the combination of both traditional swaddle and sleepsack. This gives your baby the needed safety and convenience for proper sleep. Another feature is that instead of a zipper, it makes use of hook and loop. It comes mostly in long sleeves.


Some swaddles are typically made from two materials, but if the swaddle is made from cotton and polyester, then they are micro-fleece.

Bamboo swaddle blanket

Usually characterized by its softness and luxuriousness, bamboo swaddles are usually handmade via knitting.

Organic swaddle

This usually comes in exotic prints and design, and they get in contact with your baby’s skin for comfort and coziness.

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Features to Consider Before Buying a Transition Swaddle For Your Baby

Like most moms, you’re probably overwhelmed by the tons of swaddle products in the market. 

Here are some things to consider before choosing a transition swaddle for your baby.


Swaddling has a lot to do with comfort and providing a womb-like sensation for your little angel. The first thing you want to consider is to get the sizing right. 

If you choose a size that is too tight, it will cause discomfort and uneasiness for your baby while swaddling. 

If the size is too loose, it won’t fit, and your baby won’t get the warmth that comes with swaddling.


Like we mentioned earlier, swaddles are made from different materials, and this ranges from cotton, polyester, spandex, etc. 

As a mom, you want a material that is breathable so that there is enough ventilation to go through when you swaddle your baby.

Since most swaddles are made from cotton and cotton is you should consider the TOG rating. Swaddling with a TOG rating of 0.5 is a featherweight, and suitable for the mild temperature.

The standard TOG rating for sleeping blankets is 4, most swaddles are rated 2 and 1.

Ease of Use

How does it feel to use something that’s too stressful? Not cool, right? 

Different brands come with different designs and you should consider the one that’s most mom-friendly. 

Some brands come with a zipper, some with a hook and loop, snaps, and others without one. 

If the design is not mom-friendly, then you’ll have a hard time with changing diapers. 


Babies are, by nature, fragile. 

And they require mom support as much as possible. The comfort of swaddling comes with the texture of the product.

Materials made from 100% cotton, micro-fleece, and silk come handy regarding providing comfort to your baby’s skin. 

If your baby cries and looks disturbed while swaddling, then the material needs to be changed.


In most cases, you should start weaning and withdrawing the swaddle from your baby once the baby is within 3-4 months. Hence, you must put your baby’s age into consideration.


If you want to clean and make your baby smell clean while swaddled, consider the durability of the brand before you choose one. 

While some materials shrink with washing, others keep their shape and form.


Of course, you don’t want to break the bank before getting your blanket. We advise that you pick the one you can afford.

Interestingly, most of the transition swaddles reviewed in this post are affordable.

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Before You Buy a Transition Swaddle: A Look at the AAP Guidelines on Swaddling 

As mentioned previously, swaddling creates a womb-like sensation for your baby. 

Not only that, having a good sleep reduces the rate at which Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) occurs in babies. 

Here are some safety recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics for moms whenever they need to swaddle their baby.

  1. Always place your baby on the back to sleep and ensure you keep a tab on your baby, so they don’t slip over.
  2. Be wary of loose blankets, as it could cover your baby’s face and suffocate them.
  3. Take precaution when buying products that claim to tackle SIDS in baby.
  4. Use pacifiers for nap time and sleep time.

We highly recommend that you go through the full AAP guidelines before buying a transition swaddle for your baby.

How to Swaddle a Baby: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Swaddling a baby doesn’t require any formal education. 

Follow our step-by-step guide below to get the best out of swaddling for your baby. 

That said, it is important you know that swaddling a baby could either be through—arms swaddling or the basic swaddling.

I’ll highlight what each of them entails and how to swaddle your baby accordingly.

Basic Swaddling

Step 1

Have your swaddle lay on a flat surface and then lay your baby on it facing up and the head some distance above the fold with the shoulder level being at the top.

Step 2

While the baby is lying well placed, place the left and the right arms properly, by bringing the opposite side of the swaddle to tuck both sides.

Step 3

Bring the swaddle’s left part to the baby’s right, and the right part of the swaddle to the baby’s left.

Step 4

For the legs, raise them both, and pull the leg out of the blanket sheet.

Step 5

Ensure that the two legs get into the blanket, and then wrap out the blanket, or zip it in case it has a zipper.

Step 6

Ensure that the swaddle isn’t too tight. Experts recommend that there should be at least between two to three finger space between the chest and the swaddle.

Arms out swaddling

Step 1

Lay the blanket on a flat surface—and fold the top half down the swaddle.

Step 2

Carefully place your baby in the halved fold blanket.

Step 3

The baby’s right side should then be wrapped around the left side of the blanket under the baby’s arm.

Step 4

Do the same for the other side of the baby’s body and ensure the swaddle is tight, so it leaves breathable space and does not get your baby suffocated.

Below is a video that I also found useful when it comes to swaddling a newborn baby.

How to Swaddle a baby the right way

Signs That Your Baby Has Outgrown a Swaddle

While your baby needs a swaddle, they can also outgrow its use.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you should stop swaddling your baby once they are between the ages of 2-3 months.

Usually, babies give signs when they’ve outgrown a swaddle. Although, this may vary from one baby to the other. 

Here are some signs that show that your baby has outgrown swaddle.

  • Baby starts taking arms out from blankets often during sleep
  • Your baby often wakes repeatedly while sleeping inside the blanket
  • Struggling and removing arms and legs immediately when swaddled 
  • Baby has developed too strong and move around to stay inside swaddle

When you notice any of the signs persistently, it is high time you stop swaddling as it could be dangerous and hazardous if you persist.

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Want to Transition Out Of Swaddling? A Step-by-Step Swaddle Transition Plan

There comes a time when you will have to overlook the benefits that come with swaddling. And yes, that will require that you transition out of swaddling. 

Below are the steps on how to do so effectively.

Step 1 

Start by putting just one arm of your baby inside the swaddle and leaving out the other. This will gradually help your baby to get unswaddled with time. However, if you struggle with this, don’t force it and try again next time.

Step 2

Monitor how this impacts your baby, and if they respond well, Fine—if otherwise, you swaddle for another week, then you repeat step 1 and 2 again.

Step 3

You can also use swaddles that are made for transition purposes. 

You can try this out by wrapping your baby in an arm-only blanket and leave both legs unswaddled. 

Once your baby gets used to an arm, the only blanket, then it is time for a full successful transition.

Step 4

Wait until your baby rolls out of the blanket as they tend to sleep on their stomach.

Finally, note that transition out of swaddle should come with patience and perseverance. 

When to Wean Your Baby From Swaddling

You should only consider weaning your baby from swaddling after months of proper swaddling. 

And if you follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation, you’ll get your baby the best swaddling experience.  

However, your weaning process should start immediately, and you have to fully undergo the swaddling process.

How to Wean Your Baby From Swaddling

When your cute little angel is ready for weaning, you don’t have to lurk at it. 

Weaning them from swaddling is the next stage. 

You can follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1

Find out the dominant arms of your baby and swaddle it out. You want to do this for close to three to five days.

Step 2

Do the same thing for the less dominant arm, again for a few days, this time around both arms is swaddled out from.

Step 3

Days, after your baby has become comfortable with both arms, unswaddled, then you remove the whole blanket completely.

FAQs Regarding Swaddle Transition

When do I stop swaddling?

You should stop swaddling immediately your baby has outgrown it. Or, even when they start to slip over.

Should all babies be swaddled?

Swaddling is not mandatory, but it has its benefits, and it comes handy for moms who want to create a sensitive and friendly womb experience for their baby.

How Long Do You Swaddle?

Normally AAP recommends between 2-4 months. But you can go beyond that time if weaning doesn’t come easy.

What can be done if sleep is completely derailed after the swaddle transition?

If you have a baby who, after five months, still finds it difficult to sleep, then you should try this sleeping class training.

How Do I Conquer This transition?

There is no golden rule to this than exercising patience and giving yourself and your baby time to adjust to the gradual changes that will take place.

Babies require that you study and give them time for proper understanding.

Most moms know when their baby is crying and needs sleep and also know when their baby is crying and needs breast milk.

So, with proper study and understanding, you’ll definitely conquer the transition process.

Final Thoughts

As a nursing mom, you know that a womb-like environment is vital for the growth and development of your baby. 

And this is why in this comprehensive guide, we’ve reviewed the 7 best transition swaddle products to use in 2022.

I believe that with the information shared in this post, choosing a transition swaddle for your baby will be easier.

This is because we have taken our time to select the best transition swaddles out there, and also offer you useful insights on the exact things you must consider before choosing one.

Overall, our top pick is Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. And if you’re looking to buy a transition swaddle for your baby today, we highly recommend that you go for it.