11 Best Nursing Pillows For Breastfeeding In 2022 [Experts’ Review & Buying Guide]

As a new mom, you’re probably struggling with breastfeeding your baby, right?. 

This is a challenge that most moms out there face too.

In most cases, you try your best to get things right in this regard, however, the more you try, the more overwhelming it becomes.

In the long run, you’ll discover that you still have a lot to learn and adjust to, if indeed you want to breastfeed your baby for long.

Some of the things you’ll start learning about includes knowing the best position that suits your baby for latching. 

Also, you want to know exactly the position that gives your baby comfort, such that you won’t have to strain your arms and shoulder while doing so.

In my own case, I used a nursing pillow for breastfeeding, and that’s exactly what most moms do too.

That way, I didn’t develop any fatigue while breastfeeding my baby, and I’m sure that’s exactly what you want.

So, in today’s post, I’ll show you exactly how to choose the best nursing pillow for breastfeeding your baby.

This will help you to make a more informed decision when buying any.

Let’s get started.


Below are the 11 best nursing pillows for breastfeeding that we highly recommend that you choose from when you intend to buy one for your babies.

1. Best Overall Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding: My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow

If you are going for My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow, be rest assured that you have made the best decision. 

The pillow is crafted such that you won’t have any difficulty with nursing due to positioning. 

This is because, it is made from 100% cotton which ensures that you get the best positioning for breastfeeding.

It also has an ultra-soft cover that all moms appreciate. Such that, even after a series of washing, it still retains its softness. 

In case you are always fearful about your baby’s fatigue, this pillow is designed with a spacious room for your baby’s arm and shoulder that eases the pains that comes with strenuous arm and shoulder resting.

One thing I really love about this pillow is that it comes in 18 varieties of design which gives moms the flexibility regarding their choice. 

And since it comes with wraps and backrest around it for proper latching position, it enables moms to get the best support possible for nursing. 


  • Has arms and elbow support
  • Designed with a pocket for storage
  • Comes with washable backrest and slipcover
  • Its flat surface prevents a baby from slipping


  • You have to use both hands for handling
  • It is not ideal more than average size mom’s belly

2. Best Versatile Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding: Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow

Another top-rated nursing pillow for breastfeeding on our list is the Boppy Bare Naked Nursing pillow, which is made from two materials: 90% polyester and 10% cotton. 

If developing a sore arm and fatigue has been an issue for you while breastfeeding, then this nursing pillow is a perfect fit for you. It has been the go-to nursing pillows for moms in the last three decades.

This pillow not only provides support for moms but also comes in handy for your baby’s head and neck. Since it gives your baby the ergonomic support that makes breastfeeding seamless, it is worth its weight in gold. 

Also, it is versatile; you can use the pillow for your baby through various times from teetering, tummy, and learning to walk. Thinking about propping your baby, then boppy, your baby.

One thing I really love about this nursing pillow is that it’s suitable for breastfeeding and bottle feeding your baby. 

It is machine washable, and with its wrap-around design, you won’t have to deal with adjusting the pillow often. 

Plus, if you have more than average breast size, and you want to breastfeed with convenience, then go for a Boppy nursing pillow. 


  • Very affordable 
  • It is machine washable
  • Soft material for sensitive skin
  • Versatile and has a storage cover
  • Portable and comfortable with hands-free supports


  • No pillow cover 
  • No back support

3. Best Budget-friendly Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding: Stretchy Nursing Pillow Covers-2 Pack Nursing Pillow

Like the name, Stretchy Nursing pillow is indeed stretchy, thanks to its four stretchy that comes fit 20 x 16 and 22.5 x 18 inches for your baby’s comfort and softness which enables proper position for breastfeeding. 

This nursing pillow is design-oriented—elephant and whale.

Every material associated with this production of the nursing pillow is incredibly soft and has a pattern that gives your baby the flexibility when laying on it. 

You don’t have to bother about your baby getting warm as it has a boy shape that allows ventilation that cools and calm your baby, even while breastfeeding and taking a nap. 

Another fantastic feature which I really like about this nursing pillow is that you get two pieces of covers that are portable and compact. 

This pillow has been a source of joy to most moms with its impressive look and design. And you don’t have to worry about its zipper since it has none. Plus, a pillow slipcover that serves as an anti-slip to protect your baby. 

For extreme softness and comfort, this nursing pillow is your choice.


  • It is affordable
  • Covers are ultra-soft
  • Comfy and easy to use
  • It is machine washable 


  • Comes in limited design

4. Best Multi-Use Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding: NurSit Basic Nursing Pillow and Positioner

The concept behind the manufacturing of the NurSit Basic Nursing pillow is to provide you with maximum comfort while breastfeeding on the move. 

It gives moms the support to breastfeed their baby while sitting in any position. 

While most pillows are manufactured to suit the needs of mom and their babies between the ages of 0-12 months, this works perfectly for babies between 0-3 years.

This hypoallergenic pillow is made from 100% polyester, and it is soft, providing your baby with the maximum comfort and cozy feeling that facilitates proper breastfeeding. 

If your baby spits a lot, and this gives you worry, then this nursing pillow is a perfect fit for you.

I love the fact that it is durable with a long lifespan. That way, you don’t have to spend much on changing and buying nursing pillows.

Also, you don’t need to detach the pillow from its cover to wash or sanitize it. You can put it inside the washing machine and it’ll still retain its firmness.


  • Comes handy on the go
  • Both cover and pillow are washable
  • Ideal for babies between age 0-72 months 
  • Maintain high-quality color after several washes


  • Weak zipper and get broken easily

5. Best Value for Money Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding: Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Not all nursing pillows can be used for babies from the first day of birth until they learn how to crawl. 

With Boppy original Nursing pillow, your babies have got a companion for the first day to the first few years after birth. 

As a multiple award-winning brand, this pillow has several utility functionalities, as it can be used for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Not only that, it can also be used for a backrest for moms. 

The Boppy Original nursing pillow is crafted to be fit for propping, tummy, and awake time.

The nursing pillow comes in C-shaped that enables your baby to spread its weight across it and hence prevent your baby from having arm and muscle pains that could silently affect his/her health. 

Washing this Boppy pillow comes with ease, as the cover and the pillow is easily removable for cleaning and sanitizing—and also machine friendly.


  • It is machine washable 
  • Comes with detachable slipcover 
  • Both pillow and cover are wash-friendly
  • No deformation of shape after years of usage


  • The cover could be slippery
  • You have to buy the pillow cover separately

6. Best Design Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding: Nook Sleep Niche Feeding Pillow

This is one of a kind and premium-brand nursing pillow that comes in a square and uniquely designed shape. 

The product made in the US and also manufactured from different materials such as organic cotton, eucalyptus cover, and organic kapok. 

It works equivalently just well for breastfeeding and bottle feeding moms.

Versatility features are what most moms will pay any amount to get.

If you’re an expectant mom, you can use this nursing pillow as a sleeping pillow and still derive the comfy and cozy feeling needed for healthy sleep. 

Is washing a problem? This organic colored pebble cover fabric is crafted to stand a lifetime washing.

One thing I cherish about this nursing pillow is that it has a nanosphere surface structure; which makes it water and stain-resistant. 

However, it is made with lightweight and breathable natural materials—and also machine launderable. 

This is an incredible alternative if you are the type that prefers things made of natural elements. 

Rest assured that with the Nook Sleep nursing pillow, your baby has got a longtime companion.


  • It is water and stained proof
  • Has eleven different color options
  • Has colored pebbles cover designed to withstand fading


  • One of the most expensive nursing pillows

7. Best Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding Twins: THE TWIN Z PILLOW

There is joy in having twins except when it comes to nursing them. 

Nursing can be daunting; nursing twins is far more challenging.

The Twin Z pillow is produced for moms of twins babies. The 20 x 16 and 22.5 x 18 inches can host your babies singly on each side of the pillow. 

Additionally, the pillow comes in custom design, and it is waterproof. 

Nursing has never been this easy as you will lay your babies and position them in any position for breastfeeding and nursing. 

Interestingly, the pillow comes gender-friendly, and also stretchy and comfy for your babies.

With six pounds in weight, it is not your ideal lightweight nursing pillow that is not cumbersome and easy to go around with. 

The pillow is entirely made from organic cotton, making it soft and durable. Also, it is machine washable, making it easy to wash— and can be detachable with ease.


  • It is ultra-soft
  • Multiple purpose use 
  • It is gender supportive
  • Best fit for twins babies
  • Ideal for more than average size moms


  • Not suitable for chairs due to its size
  • It is costly compared to other nursing pillows

8. Best Organic Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding: Blessed Nest Organic Nesting Pillow

Who does not like the sight of the moon? We all do, right? 

The Blessed Nest pillow comes in a crescent shape—and it is wholly manufactured from organic cotton. 

Therefore, the nursing pillow easily fine-tunes itself to get your baby the best position for breastfeeding. 

Also, the shape of the pillow facilitates ventilation to keep your baby calm and comfortable. 

The other amazing feature is that the nursing pillow serves pregnant moms well.

And if you’re having a c-section you could find this supportive, as the shape gives moms abdominal backup after c-section. 

The nursing pillow fabric is hypoallergenic and machine washable.

After several uses most nursing pillows gets dirty, but while you can clean the exterior part of the pillow, you may not have the means to clean the inner part of it.

For Blessed Nest nursing pillow, you can clean both the interior and the exterior part of it. 

With 20 minutes of heat sanitizing, you will get a spotless and clean nursing pillow. 

It features an external cover making it an ideal nursing pillow if the price is not your problem.


  • Detachable external cover
  • Pillow is washable machine mom 
  • Ideal fit for propping, and tummy times.


  • It is expensive
  • The pillow is heavy 

9. Best nursing pillow for large breasts: Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

Ideally, most nursing pillows are made for average size moms, but Luna Lullaby nursing pillow was crafted for big arm size moms. 

The 100% polyester is made in the US and speaks volumes about its originality. It is known for being the largest and biggest size nursing pillow in the market. 

Unlike many other nursing pillows out there, this comes with a different shape. 

It comes in a boomerang shape, enabling breastfeeding moms to get the best position, and so latching becomes easy. 

Because of its shape and construction, it is also fit for moms who had c-section too. 

Luna Lullaby nursing pillows are soft, and because of its safety precaution, it has no flame retreat chemical material that could irritate your baby’s skin. 

It gives your baby the best posture for seamless latching and has a mink fabric which is easy to wash and clean.


  • Easy-to-use slipcover
  • Not your average construction pillow
  • No chemical because of skin irritations
  • For all sizes especially big arm size moms


  • It is not mobile-friendly

10. Best Nursing Pillow For C-section Breastfeeding: Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow

Are you scheduled for a c-section and not sure of the nursing pillow to pack in your hospital bag

Then the Infantino Elevate Adjustable nursing pillow is designed with you in mind. This nursing pillow has been saving moms and their babies for over three decades. 

Its sleek design is the desire of every nursing mom.

As a mom, it is best to get the connection right with your baby, and one way is through breastfeeding. 

With this nursing pillow, you will get the best skin-to-skin connection between you and your baby. 

Since after a c-section, you want nothing to come close to your incision point, hence the nursing pillow fits on your arm rather than your waist.

With its portability and compact design, the Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing pillow is mobile-friendly, and you don’t have to bother with traveling with it. 

Although the pillow’s interior is made from soft material, the exterior is smooth, and the colors which are grey and white are gender appealing.


  • Appeals to all gender
  • An ideal fit for c-section
  • Enhances natural breastfeeding


  • Not fit for moms with big arms

11. Best Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding By Professionals: My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow for Comfortable Posture

Undoubtedly, any product from My Brest is top-rated. 

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow is the second nursing pillow from My Brest company that would make our list. 

However, this nursing pillow differs slightly from the one mentioned previously.

Unlike the other one which is made from cotton; this is made from fabric. Its unique shape comes second to none.

Breastfeeding can come with several ailments like strains in your neck, back, and arm.

This nursing pillow with its responsive backrest gives you a posture that prevents you from positions that would lead to these ailments. 

This nursing pillow also comes handy for your baby’s proper latching and feeding.

With this nursing pillow, your hospital bag is less heavy due to its lightweight. 

And when your baby is asleep, the silent-release feature enables you to move away, making no noise to put your baby up. 

It also comes with a super flexible slipcover.


  • Flexible material
  • Wrap-around design
  • Pocket storage for accessories
  • Has a velcro for loosening and fastening


  • Not fit for protruding belly moms

What is a Nursing Pillow?

A nursing pillow is a soft foamy cushion that enables moms and their babies to have an itch-free nursing and breastfeeding experience. 

It serves moms and their babies a lot of benefits such as propping up, tummy time, and nap time.

Do You Really Need a Nursing Pillow?

Well, it’s not compulsory that you use a nursing pillow. However, with one, you’d be able to get better at nursing and breastfeeding.

With nursing pillows, you stand a lot to benefit as far as your breastfeeding and nursing experience are concerned. 

For most moms, there’s joy and comfort in using nursing pillows. 

They also come handy even if you are bottle feeding.

Why Do You Need a Nursing Pillow for Breastfeeding?

Babies depend entirely on their moms for the first few years. Most of these help usually comes from breastfeeding. 

That said, breastfeeding requires some level of expertise or know-how, which includes getting the right position for your baby to latch. 

It also involves making sure your baby is lying down comfortably. 

While this involves a learning curve, a nursing pillow will make the process faster and help you achieve awesome results for yourself and baby.

When Do You Need a Nursing Pillow?

As a nursing or expectant mom, you’ll be needing a nursing pillow sooner than later. 

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you’ll most likely need nursing pillows for your baby between 0-3 months.

And starting from month 6, your baby will begin developing and forming bones and other muscles.

Types Of Nursing Pillows

There are various types of nursing pillows out there, especially on Amazon, which you can choose from. 

Below are some popular types of nursing pillows.

Armrest Nursing Pillows: 

These types of nursing pillows are used by placing it on your arm. And they come handy for both nursing and bottle feed.

C-shaped Nursing Pillows: 

C-shaped is the most widely used and known among all other shapes of nursing pillows. It gives balance and support for moms and their babies. You can count on c-shaped nursing pillows during tummy time and propping up. 

Boomerang Nursing Pillows: 

Do you want your baby to get the best skin-to-skin contact and proper breastfeeding, without having it wrap around you? Then, boomerang nursing pillows are the best fit for you. They are also ideal for more than average-sized women.

Triangle or Rectangle-shaped Nursing Pillows: 

These are the best nursing pillows for propping up babies. They also come handy if you struggle to get the proper height for breastfeeding.

Horse shaped Nursing Pillows: 

If you want c-shaped nursing pillows in extra size, then a horse-shaped nursing pillow is the best to go for. They are an ideal choice for baby twins.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding: Factors to Consider Before Buying One

Before choosing a nursing pillow for breastfeeding your baby, a lot of questions will probably be going on in your mind.

Perhaps you want to know the best brand to go for or which one is best for your baby.

No worries, we got you covered.

Below are the factors that you should consider before choosing the best nursing pillow for breastfeeding your baby. 


comfort is why many moms want nursing pillows and making sure their babies get the best breastfeeding position as possible. Some moms want a portable and compact size nursing pillow, while other moms wish for a large size nursing pillow, to ensure their baby gets more than enough space needed.

Pillow Shape: 

Another stringent factor worthy of consideration is the shape of the nursing pillow. They come in O-shapes, C-shapes, crescent shape, wrap-around shape, Comma shapes, L-shape, Boomerang, and even Triangle shape. So, before choosing any, make sure you are comfortable with the shape and ensure it gives a gap for ventilation. You don’t want to go for any shape that isn’t comfortable for you or your baby.


the price of an item is proportional to the quality of the product, isn’t it? Well, this is not a general rule of thumb. It is essential that you consider the prices and other cogent variables. On average, the price of a nursing pillow is usually between the range of $15-50 while they are some that cost close to $100.

However, this doesn’t include the prices range for twins pillow; they cost more than the average pillow. Additionally, the prices of nursing pillows depend on the brands, material, and quality.


Do you want minimal or maximum comfort? Your answer will determine the best nursing pillow that suits you and your baby. 

The level of support that nursing pillows offer differs depending on the shapes and materials used in crafting it. 

In case you are indifferent, then I recommend that you opt for wrap-around pillows that provide the best support.


Nursing pillows are used to make breastfeeding and nursing less stressful. 

Hence, you must ensure you get a nursing pillow that has a material that brings this to life. 

It includes the external and the internal substances or elements it comprises of. 

Some nursing pillows are made from polyester, which is not material breathable making your baby sweaty.

Most nursing pillows on the otherhand, are made from cotton, which is breathable. 

Only a few are made from the combination of both.

Design and style: 

This includes the pattern and the colors of the nursing pillow. Some come in a single. Solid and double or mixtures of color. Talking about colors still, some pillows are gender-appealing.

Since you are most likely to purchase a pillow with a slipcover, then ensure you get those that are machine washable. Another style that should get your attention is whether the cover is detachable. 

Easy to Clean:  

your baby deserves the cleanest nursing pillow every time of use. This is why picking a nursing pillow, which is easy to clean. Nursing pillows that come with detachable covers are easier to clean than those without it.


Even though you have little to do with traveling with nursing moms, you still need to put into consideration the portability of the pillows you want to get. Also, since it is usually part of the essential thing in your hospital bag, you should get one that is portable and mobile-friendly.


One thing that sure appeals and gives buyers like you solace is buying a risk-free product, the product comes with at least a month warranty. What this implies is telling buyers that the company or manufacturer is confident of their product, and should you not find it comfortable, then you can return it. This gives everyone a thrill.

How To Use a Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding Correctly: A Step-by-Step Guide

Breastfeeding appears to be an easy task when using a nursing pillow; however, the reality is far different from what most people know. 

It comes with some challenges and difficulties especially if this is your first time using it. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to follow to get the best out of using a nursing pillow for breastfeeding:

Preparation Stage

Step 1: 

It is important that you breastfeed your baby in a quiet place to avoid distractions. This facilitates latching and stimulates milk production since you are both calm.

Step 2: 

The posture and proximity of your pillow have a lot to do with breastfeeding well. 

One, you want the nursing pillow to be close to you as much as possible. Little wonder, some nursing pillows come with a fastening strap.

During Nursing

Step 3: 

Next is your preferred style of breastfeeding. If you are the type that prefers to put your baby at arm and breastfeed, then you should go for c-shape pillows.

Step 4: 

Some moms prefer to lift the baby to breast height support. 

Positions such as football hold, machine cross-cradle hold, koala hold, and cross-cradle are the various positions that you may want to practice while breastfeeding.

The goal here is to get your baby a deeper latching with these various positions.

Step 5: 

In case you want to bottle feed, nursing pillows still come handy. Your baby should be inclined upwards. One hand will support the bottle, and the other will be used to support the baby.


Step 6: 

It happens to the best of us, babies often than not could have reflux or they could split some milk while breastfeeding. 

When this happens, you want to clean it before further use.

Cleaning comes in two ways: directly cleaning by immersing the whole nursing pillow in a machine—and by splitting and washing it. 

Essentially, you should follow the guidelines in the nursing pillow manual for effective cleaning to avoid shrinking or having fouls smells. 

Below is a YOUTUBE video that further guides you on how to use nursing pillows for breastfeeding correctly.

How to use a nursing pillow for breastfeeding

FAQs Regarding Nursing Pillow for Breastfeeding

Are Nursing Pillows Worth It?

Although you can successfully breastfeed and nurse your baby without it, a nursing pillow for breastfeeding comes handy, and it is surely worth its weight in gold.

Can My Baby Sleep On A Nursing Pillow?

While this is possible, it is not advisable that you should practise it often. One, your baby’s airway could be blocked and result in suffocation. Also, if the pillow didn’t come with an anti-slip cover, your baby will slip.

Can I Bring A Nursing Pillow On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring a nursing pillow on a plane, as long as it is portable and compact. Most C-shape pillows are small in size and are ideal for traveling.

Can You Wash A Nursing Pillow?

Yes you can, and you need to do this often to get the best out of your nursing pillow

How long can I Use Nursing Pillows?

There is no golden rule for this; you can use your nursing pillow as long as its weight still supports that of your baby. Also, this is usually when the baby is around two years.

The pillow has an Odor after Use, What Shall I Do?

Detach the pillow from its covers. Wash it and leave it in the sun for over 24 hours

Is there any nursing pillow product for Twins?

Yes, there are many nursing pillow products for twins’ babies. We listed some of them in this post.

What if Liquid Gets into the Pillow?

Liquid and baby spit could get in contact with your nursing pillow; hence the need for a nursing pillow that is machine washable. 

All you just need to do is apply soap and gently scrub the spot. 

If the pillow is machine friendly, you can immerse it in a machine, and wash it off—and let it dry.

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve reviewed the best nursing pillows for breastfeeding in 2020.

I believe that with the information shared in this post, choosing a nursing pillow for breastfeeding your baby will be a walk in the park.

This is because we have taken our time to select the best nursing pillows out there, and also offer you useful insights on the exact things you must consider before choosing one.

I highly recommend that you go through the entire guide and digest it slowly, so you won’t find it hard choosing the best nursing pillow for breastfeeding your baby.

Overall, our top pick is My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow. And if you’re looking to buy a nursing pillow for your baby today, we highly recommend that you go for it.